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More Of Our Star Family Photo Album

This first photograph taken by Neringa A. was from a bed and breakfast that she describes as such:

The location of the UFO shot is Cave Creek, Arizona, which is about 35 minutes north of Phoenix. More specifically, the shot was taken from the window of the bed and breakfast place that I stayed. The B & B was called Spur Cross Bed and Breakfast. And it's on 38555 N. Schoolhouse Road. And it was taken on 9/6/2007 at around 9:10AM. The suite that the pic was taken from was the Mesquite Suite.

Arizona UFO

Next, using equalization and solarization as I have done on the previous page, you can see that this same photograph indicates anomalous energy coming from the craft, indicating the possibility that a dimensional portal is ready to open for the craft's exit.

Arizona UFO Analyzed

Ryan K. has what appears to be a lonely and friendly star cousin giving him a hug and leaning on him.  There is also someone standing in the area where I have outlined in white.

Ryan With Two Friends

Ryan being visited by a mantid.  These who operate on a 17 year mating cycle generally work with the Zetas (Grays) and reptilians in medical capacity or for upgrading of humans and other species.  They have been characterized by eye witness reports as usually wearing long black cloaks and black hats.  If you look where I have outlined in white the general shape of the head and body, you can make out the facial features

Ryan With A Mantid

Pandora is a teaching and healing Zeta.  She was brought to Ryan's and later to my own house to train others in healing using the crystalline properties of oceans.  She generally works with continents in trouble from cataclysm or political strife and war.  She was instrumental in the April 2011 rescue of animals from the roof-tops near Fukushima, Japan.

Pandora With A Friend Behind Her

Paul on the left (named for the Zeta of the movie fame) and Bear on the right (because that is what he reminded Ryan of) appear in a glowing blue light outside of his home.  Bear appeared this way because he is representing the Orion system of star cousins, and we associate this with "the bear".

Paul And Bear

This is not an advertisement for "Taco Bell" up in the sky, but rather an actual ship taken by Ryan K. over Freeport, Illinois.

Taco Bell Looking Ship

This is the light that began emanating from it directly below where the ship was located.  Please note that around that small tree is what appears to be a crop circle beginning to form.  Generally speaking, those things of nature feel quite at home with that which is outside of our planet.  This is why the geese seem to be at peace with the appearance of these particular star cousins.

Light From The Taco Bell Ship

From left to right, Bilu (Sirian connections), Bobb (Pleiadian) and our own Ryan.  If you do a search on You Tube for  "Project Portal" or "Test Of The Shell - E.T. Bilu", you can see actual video footage of Bilu as he appears to others in this video.

Bilu, Bobb And Ryan


Many thanks to Neringa A. and Ryan K. who provided me with these astonishing photographs.

Many thanks to those on the other side and outside of this planet in other dimensions who intuitively guided me in my interpretations.

If you have questions for myself, please E-Mail me at:

If you have questions for Neringa or Ryan, please send to the above E-Mail and I will see that he gets it.

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*Love, hugs, peace and light*