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Ok, I have a little warning to make.  There may be a few inappropriate words in the text which you are about to read.  By this I mean curses, nothing sexually explicit.  There are only a few of these words in here, if any.  I don't even remember if there are any or not but I might as well cover my bases.  If indeed they are there, then I felt that they were needed to
emphasize a particular point in the storyline.  I hope you aren't too offended by this.

Also, to all the Booji'ists, if you feel that I've casted your rolls wrongly(for example, if, and this didn't really happen!!, I had "the bard"[I don't remember who that is, so whoever you are I'm really sorry if your offended!] singing while doing a little striptease in the zocalo), then I
apologize.  I'm only half Vorlon/Pak'ma'ra anyway!  My email is if you have any good things to say.  If you have any complaints(you'll find a similar setup at my website) then my email address is now the past address is for complaints ONLY!!  Again, I hope that I don't offend anyone by writing what I have
written.  I hope that whoever reads on becomes enlightened to the ways of the Vorlon Empire, Booji'ism, and the Rush Limbaugh Institute for Conservative Studies.

These are the ships I introduced in the story somewhere.

Necktie Class Assault Dreadnought:    Essentially an Explorer class ship with modified weapons suite and massive personnel/cargo carrying capacity.  Whereas the Explorer carries 28 Pulse Cannons as it's main weapons suite, the Necktie replaces 10 of them with modified Plasma Lasers.  2 more are removed to accommodate missile launchers, which will launch either fusion  or glue-filled warheads.  It has a crew of 2,000 and can carry an additional
50,000 ground troops or other persons and have enough cargo to sustain them for roughly a year, although the full amount is rarely carried.  Basically they are massive movable bases of operations/supply  for the Suits.

Necktie Tech Specs:
        Class:        Necktie
        Type:        Dreadnought/Supply/Base of Operations
        Length:        6,103 meters
        Mass:        37.5 million metric tons
        Crew:        2,000 plus 150-person shipboard Marine detachment
        Troop:        Up to 50,000
        Fighter:        20 Suit Furies
        Power:        8 Fusion Reactors
        Duration:        2 years
        Weapon:    16 Pulse Cannons
                            10 Plasma Lasers
                            2 Missile Launchers
        Defense:        8 meter armored hull
                                62 Mk. I Defense Grid
                                Energy Projectors
        Number In Service:        15

There is only one Fire Drake class ship due to the fact that the construction yard was destroyed before completion of the first batch.  The sole survivor has only it's defense grid as weaponry.  It is a little smaller then a White Star and has roughly the same basic shape, and it's modified bio- armor gives it a greyish color.  The weapons listed below are what were supposed to be fitted to a Fire Drake.  Note: The main "Lasso Beam" weapon is supposed to be located where the main Quantum discharge weapon(the beam weapon) is located in a standard white star; the four Grav Lances are located where the twin pulse cannons are on the White Star's "wings;" the Twin Quantum Discharge Cannon(a twin mount for the standard
beam weapon on a White Star) is in the nose where the twin pulse cannon is normally mounted; and the Electro Magnetic Pulse Gun is located in the nose slightly under the "Lasso Beam."

Fire Drake Tech Specs:
        Class:        Fire Drake
        Type:        Heavy Cruiser
        Length:        460 meters
        Mass:        6.8 million metric tons
        Crew:        30
        Troop:        N/A
        Fighter:        2 Thunderbolt-X fighters, 1 armed atmospheric shuttle
        Power:        Quantum Gravitic Reactor
                            3 Fusion Reactors
        Duration:        5 Years
        Weapon:        1 Twin Quantum Discharge Cannon
                                1 Electro Magnetic Pulse Gun
                                1 Gravitic "lasso" Beam
                                4 Heavy Grav Lance beams
        Defense:        8 Light Grav Lances(the defense grid)
                                1.5 meter Crystalline/Plasteel and Shadow Bio-Armored hull
                                Gravitic Tractor Beam
                                Minbari Based Shielding system
                                Minbari Stealth Device
        Number In Service:        1

The Pelican class transport is based mostly on Cascor technology, with a little Minbari tech and Shadow tech added.  It can carry 55,000 troops or persons throughout multiple dimensions.  Time stabilization equipment for the ship and crew is on board.  It can withstand Thirdspace travel, but this has never been tested.  It's hull consists of the same Crystalline
Alloy/Plasteel mesh as the Excalibur, except that it has Shadow Armor grown over the hull to provide it with added durability.  There had been an attempt to get the New Vorlon Empire to assist in growing Vorlon bio-armor, but their president flatly refused.  Many of the ship's systems are automated.

Pelican Tech Specs:
        Class:        Pelican
        Type:        Transport
        Length:        2.1 miles
        Mass:        Classified
        Crew:        450, plus 100-person Marine contingent
        Troop:        55,000
        Fighter:        30 Thunderbolt-X fighters
        Power:        Quantum Gravitic Reactor
                            4 Fusion Reactors
        Duration:        5 Years
        Weapon:        10 Twin Pulse Cannons
                                1 Electro Magnetic Pulse Gun
                                1 Gravitic "lasso" Beam
        Defense:        2 meter re-enforced Crystalline/Plasteel and Shadow Bio-Armored hull
                               Gravitic Tractor Beam
                               Minbari Based Shielding system
                               Minbari Stealth Device
        Number In Service:        4

Weapons specs (provided for only a select few):

Gravitic "lasso" Beam:  This weapon uses a force of gravity to pull ships together with enough force that they will explode.

Grav Lance:  Functions like a giant lance, except with a burst of gravitic energy.  It punches a hole in the ships/fighters it targets, and can penetrate many ships and continue on.  It has an extremely long range, but consumes A LOT of energy.

Electro Magnetic Pulse Gun:  This is already standard on all Minbari capital ships, but I feel that it's function bears repeating.  It sends out a massive EMP(Electro Magnetic Pulse) burst, such as the kind that a nuclear explosion would release, except the EMP gun does it without the use of nuclear weaponry.  The EMP shorts out the electrical systems in any ships in
the immediate vicinity, but this weapon is short ranged.  It consumes a lot of power.

Thunderbolt-X fighters:  The Thunderbolt-X is essentially a Thunderbolt class fighter with Shadow bio-armor and Shadow pulse cannons replacing the standard Earthforce pulse cannons.  Engines are the same as a standard T-bolt.

Sharlin-X class cruiser and Tinashi-X class frigate: These are Sharlin and Tinashi class warships with Shadow bio-armor grown over the hulls to provide extra durability.  Original weapons and sensor suites are retained.

Another Note on the Fire Drake:  The 8 Light Grav Lances which compose the defense grid are located on the upper and lower parts of the ship, much the same way as the Omega class destroyer's defense grid is laid out.