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Gwyn, The Story Teller, Presents . . .


also starring:
Sarge, Major Buttons, Garibaldi, Flarnstar, Reebo, Marcus, Galin, Anla'Shok Na, Kat and Bailin

*This story content is her sole property and is not for distribution*

*Some of the character names are the property of J. Michael Straczynski, Warner Brothers and TNT and we are using them only for entertainment purposes.*
     Lindaru stood and stared up at the stars, which twinkled brightly in the dark sky above the mountains.  They had survived.  The small band of devoted Booji followers had escaped the evil Suits.  She shivered as she remembered the experience, thinking she could still fill the chill of the ice age which had frozen the Well Engaged Boards.
    There had only been one loss.  FTM had bravely given her life in the fight to escape, and the rest of the followers would be forever grateful to her.  FTM's kitten, Major Buttons, had assumed the position of Hunter in FTM's place, so a small part of her still lived on.  But for how long?  How long could the rest of them survive, living as they were, scattered, recovering alone from wounds both spiritual and physical?
    "No!" she said, pushing the thought away.  "Booji and FTM saved our lives, and now we have an obligation to continue to survive!  I won't let them be forgotten!" she cried to the stars.  With a determined glint in her yes, she returned inside the house and put on a pot of coffee.  She had thinking to do.
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    "We need the Temple as a monument to Booji and his efforts on our behalves!  If we don't stay together, if we don't find some way to spread the word of Booji, then the Suits will have defeated us.  We can't let that happen!" Lindaru implored the small group of followers who had assembled in her living room.  Sarge, Major Buttons, Garibaldi, Flarnstar, Reebo and Marcus looked on with varying degrees of approval, skepticism and concern.
    "I agree that we need to bring the followers back together, but we are all still recovering.  I'm not sure we're ready for this.  I mean, a Temple of this size may seem like an impossible goal, and some of the others could be frightened off," Marcus observed.
    "It's not an impossible undertaking!  We can do it, and it is exactly what we need to revive everybody's spirits.  This will be the biggest Temple in the world!  We'll chronicle the last days, the followers, the treasury . . . all of it.  All I need is your support, and the others will follow!" she implored.
    "I agree with Lindaru!" Flarnstar said.  "You risked your lives saving us from the ice age, so the other followers trust you.  We can't be afraid of change!  It doesn't matter if we fail, at least we will have tried, and taken a chance.  If we do nothing, we fail automatically."
    "Flarn's right,"  Garibaldi observed.  Slowly, the others in the group gave their assent.
    "Good.  We need to start contacting the other followers right away."

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    Building the Temple was a long and arduous process, but it gave the followers a new purpose and unity.  They chose Cyberhighway as the location.  It was a reliable site and offered the greatest accessibility.  Slowly, brick by brick, pixel by pixel, the Temple began to take shape.  It was, as Lindaru had promised, the biggest temple in the world.  The Stories of the Last Days were carefully compiled.  Galin wrote the extended hails so each follower's purpose would be clearly known and properly honored, for they were all equal in this endeavor.  Never again would the evil Suits tear them apart.  Never again would the evil Suits thwart the word of Booji.

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    "Lindaru!  Lindaru!"
    Lindaru was startled out of her meditation by Anla'shok Na, who pounded loudly on the front door.
    "What is it?"  Lindaru asked, concerned.
    "The Stories of the Last Days have been stolen from the Temple!  We found this!"  Anla'shok Na held up a small scrap of silk fabric upon which the head of Bugs Bunny was just barely discernible.
    "That's a piece from a Suit's tie!  You think the Suits stole the Stories?"
    "Garibaldi is sure of it!"
    "They must believe that they can stop the Grand Opening of the Temple with this dirty trick!"
    "I'm so sorry, Lindaru!  I should have been more careful when locking the doors!"
    "It's not your fault," Lindaru assured her.  "But we have to get the Stories back!  The Grand Opening is in three days, and the reading of the Stories of the Last Days is the most important part of the ceremony."  Lindaru's brow furrowed as she thought about the dilemma.
    "Come, Anla'shok Na.  We need to find Kat.  Perhaps she can help."

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    Kat peered at the scrap of fabric through a microscope.
    "Definitely a W.B. suit!" she pronounced after a moment.  "I can run a forensic analysis and let you know where the tie was purchased, and who his dry cleaner is, but that's about all."
    "No, I don't think that will do any good.  It may have been a single thief, but W.B. Suits are behind this, and they always work together.  The Stories are probably at the W.B. Headquarters."
    "If that's the case, Garibaldi can get them back, no problem!  Have you told him of the theft?"
    "No, he's tied up at the moment, doing undercover work.  I don't know the details, but I heard him mention a company called Sterminex.  We can handle this on our own.  Let's call a meeting of the followers.  We don't have much time."
    It was quickly decided that Lindaru, Reebo, and Bailin, would go to the W.B. Headquarters and try to recover the stories.  Kat had tapped the phones earlier and had overheard a smug conversation between two Suits discussing the successful theft, during the course of which they had revealed the Mr. W.B. himself had the stories locked in the safe in his office.
    "I hope you know what you're getting into!" Reebo cautioned as they assembled their gear.
    "I haven't the slightest clue!" Bailin said cheerfully.  "But it will nice to do something other than watch, for a change."
    "You could learn from Bailin's optimism, Reebo." Lindaru said.
    "Yes, Teacher," Reebo replied, and Lindaru ignored the sarcasm in her voice.
    "Is that everything?" she asked instead.
    "Not yet!" Bailin replied.  She disappeared into the kitchen and returned a few moments later.
    "We have Hershey's chocolate nuggets with almonds, a bag of M&M's, some granola bars, a couple of Frappuccinos, and some fruit as a last resort."
    "Good thinking Bailin!" Lindaru enthused.
    "Is this a reconnaissance operation, or a picnic?"
    This time, both Bailin and Lindaru ignored her.
    "Are we ready?" Lindaru asked.  The other two nodded, and they set off.

Will they be able to recover the Stories?  Will they be captured by the Suits?  All remains to be seen . . .  on to the next part of the Booji Followers' story