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Gwyn, The Story Teller, Presents . . .


also starring:
Bailin, Reebo, Gaidheil, Jaybee and Jhenti

*This story content is her sole property and is not for distribution*

*Some of the character names are the property of J. Michael Straczynski, Warner Brothers and TNT and we are using them only for entertainment purposes.*
     The moon was just rising over the W.B. Headquarters as Lindaru and Bailin waited out of sight.  Reebo was on a rooftop across the street, scouting the number of security guards.
 "Lindaru, are you there?" Reebo's voice came over the walkie talkie in a surge of static.  Lindaru made an adjustment in the frequency before replying.
    "There are guards everywhere!  I would suggest trying to enter from the roof.  You can climb up the fire escape, and Mr. W.B.'s office is on the second floor down."
    "All right.  Stay on watch, and be prepared to call for help.  We don't know who is in there.  Lindaru out."  Lindaru looked up at the tall skyscraper.  "Break out the granola bars, Bailin.  We're going to need all our energy for this one!"
    "I hate steps," was Bailin's only observation as they began the trek upwards.
    Having worked their way through the granola bars and four pieces of fruit, they were finally at the top.
    "Reebo?  Reebo, we're on the roof!" Bailin spoke into her walkie talkie.
    "Good.  Recommend we maintain radio silence from this point on, except for emergency contact."
    "Agreed.  Wish us luck!  Bailin and Lindaru out."
    "Bailin, we have a slight problem.  The door is locked." Lindaru said.  Bailin inspected the lock, and shrugged.
    "Not a problem."  She rummaged around her sack and came out with a little leather case.  She opened it to display a set of odd tools, selected one, and proceeded to pick the lock quite efficiently.
    "Where did you learn that?" Lindaru asked in surprise.
    "I locked my keys in the house so many times that the locksmith took pity on my check book and taught me how to pick the lock.  This is the same basic bolt.  It's easy once you learn the trick of it.  Shall we?"
    They proceeded inside the W.B. Headquarters.  Lindaru shivered.
    "It's much worse than I thought it would be," she observed.  The lights were out, and dark sinister shadows seemed to leap out at them.  "There's such a pervasive sense of evil, I can almost taste it!"
    "Let's get this done as quickly as possible!" Bailin said, looking around uneasily.
    "The directory said that Mr. W.B.'s office is the eighth door on the right.  It should be that one!"
    "With the light on?" Bailin asked.  Halfway down the hall, a door stood open, throwing a triangle of light into the hallway.  They approached carefully, and Lindaru cautiously peeked in.  A man sat with his back to them, dressed in a hideous, olive green pin stripe suit.  Lindaru shuddered, and withdrew.
    "That has got to be Mr. W.B.!" she said to Bailin.  "I can see the safe behind the desk.  It's magnetic, so the device Garibaldi loaned us should be able to handle it.  Do you still have those Hershey's nuggets?"
    "Yes.  Do you have a plan?"
    "I think so."
    Mr. W.B. heard a soft thud, and turned around quickly.  He looked around, but didn't see anyone.  In the dim light, he noticed something glimmering in the door way.  Something gold.  Suspicious, but unable to contain his greed, he got up and went to inspect.  He leaned his head out the door to get a closer look . . .
    The instant Mr. W.B.'s head appeared out the door, Bailin and Lindaru each thwacked him soundly on the head with an empty Frappuccino bottle.  He went out cold.
    "That was easy!" Lindaru said critically.
    "Good idea using the nugget to get his attention.  Suits go for anything gold - even chocolate wrappers," she observed disgustedly.
    The pair made quick work of the safe, and removed the Stories carefully.  Lindaru checked through them to be sure they were intact, and breathed in relief.
    "It's all here, and Anla'shok Na had the good sense to censor out the sensitive information.  I don't think we'll come to any harm because of this."
    "Then let's get out of here!"
Rainbow Bar

    "Hail the First Disciple, Marcus.  Hail the Defender, Garibaldi . . ."
    Lindaru smiled to herself as Gaidheil began reciting the hails as the first part of the Grand Opening ceremony of the World's Biggest Booji Temple.  At last, the task was completed.  She, Bailin, and Reebo had successfully recovered the Stories of the Last Days, which would be put in a special room reserved for the ancient scrolls.  Lindaru caught Bailin's eye and the two shared a silent congratulations.  They had won a second battle against the Suits, putting the record at Booji 2, Suits 0.  Lindaru had no doubt there would be many more battles ahead, but they had proved that they could survive.
    After the Grand Opening Ceremony, everyone gathered in the Temple kitchen for coffee and Earl Grey tea with Nabisco snacks.
    "All hail The Teacher!"  Jaybee proposed, raising her mug of tea in a toast.  "For once again teaching us a valuable lesson - a lesson of endurance, courage and unity!"
    "All Hail the Teacher!"  the followers cried.
    "All Hail Bailin, the Silent Watcher, and Reebo, the Builder, for aiding the teacher in rescuing the ancient scrolls from the Evil W.B. Suits!" Jhenti added.
    "Hail the Silent Watcher!  Hail the Builder!"
    Profoundly embarrassed, Bailin blushed, Reebo was very busy with her coffee, and Lindaru beamed but tried not to looked too proud.
    "Hail all the Followers!" Bailin proposed.  "Booji bless!"
    And they partied late into the night.

Is the Temple really safe from the Suits?  How will they strike next?  All remains to be seen . . .  *****TO BE CONTINUED*****