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Marichka's Story Part 4
*This story content is her sole property and is not for distribution*
*The character and place names are the property of J. Michael Straczynski, Warner Brothers and TNT and we are using them only for entertainment purposes.*
 5 Psi-Corp Headquarters, Zurich, Switzerland Consortium, Earthdome

    Marichka marched through the halls.  She used to be so afraid of even the thought of Psi-Corp.  Then came the realization that she could fry the brains of anybody here.
    She smiled when she saw the startled look on the face of a young initiate.  Oops, Marichka thought, must have said that a little too loud.
    She could probably fry two of their brains at once, but she'd never tried.  An interesting challenge.  Maybe she could use her telekinesis to see how many of their still-beating hearts she could squeeze to a bloody pulp at the same time.
    Nasty, gory, thoughts always came to mind when she dealt with Psi-Corp (don't they with you?)  Don't think she hadn't been tempted either.  It was too simple though.
    But with a single, easy thought she'd had a hundred times before, sizzle or squish, she could end two-thirds of Earthdome's troubles.  No one could accuse her of being un-patriotic.
    No.  Then she couldn't have her fun.
    She touched the crystal around her neck, a gift and a legacy.  "You want company," she said softly to a voice in her head, "you shall have it."
    She came to Suite 66.  She traced another six after the number on the panel by the door.  How fitting it would be . . .
    She took a deep breath and knocked.  A woman opened it and Marichka smiled at her, "Morgan, is it?  I'd like to see Mr. Bester please."
    Morgan looked over her suspiciously, then nodded, "yes, I'll get him," and moved out of Marichka's way.  "Thank you," Marichka said politely as she stepped in.  If there was anything her parents taught her, it was how to be a lady.  That and how to stuff your guests full of food until they explode.  That was the Ukrainian way.
    Alfred Bester entered the room.  Marichka arched an eyebrow, gave a closed mouth smirk, and nodded to him.
    "Morgan, would you excuse us.  We need to talk business," he said to his wife.  "Yes," she said and left the room.
    Marichka sat down in one of the chairs.  "She's dead.  Madison Jones is dead.  And you have your promotion.  Now I expect my payment in full."
    "And if I choose not to give it to you?" he mused.  She laughed and crossed her legs.  "You're a conniving, rat faced little weasel, Bester, but you're smart.  Smart enough to know what a travesty it would be for you and your career if anybody were to link the assassination to you."
    "What if I point the finger at you?"  He'd heard it all.  Her threats didn't shake him.  "Diplomatic immunity from six different Governments will point that same finger right back at you."  She, too, had heard it all.  His threats didn't shake her.  "What makes you think they'll believe you over me?" he asked.
    "They'll believe what I tell them to believe.  I will not be aced out of what is mine, Mr.  Bester," she said coolly.
    He went to the wall and opened a safe.  He took out a black metal box and gave it to her.  She smiled wickedly as she opened it.  She took out the vile and held it up to the light.
    "The data crystal contains the formula, just like you asked," he said.
    "Mmmm, perfect," she purred like a happy kitten, "wonderful.  Nice doing business with you," she stood and started to leave.
    "One last thing, Miss Mysnick," he said.  She turned back to him.  "The telepathic virus . . ."
    ". . . was not part of the deal," she said with a Cheshire cat grin.
    "Doubtless a thorough woman like you saw it,"
    "And pinched it.  And the antidote.  It is now in the safe hands of my associates.  They know how to handle it best.  If you wanted it, you should have said something.  I would have raised my fee.  Good day.  Oh, and good work on that promotion," she bowed theatrically and left the suite.
    In this case, by associates, she meant Tamar.  But if Bester ever did meet Morden, as he was bound to do sooner or later, Morden would be kind enough to explain the entire situation to him.  And  that would give even Bester a scare.
    As she walked out, she saw the girl she had startled on the way in.  The girl was talking to a friend.  Marichka gave the girl a surge of pain to the head, gaining her attention.  They looked each other dead in the eye, the girl attempting to be brave.  But she saw the darkness in Marichka's eyes.  Morden whispered something in Marichka's ear.  "Fear."
    Then Marichka said, "Boo!"
    The girl jumped and looked to the floor in embarrassment.
    Marichka's laughter echoed down the hall as she walked out.

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