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The Battle of Silesia 7
by Matt Delia (also known as Vorlon Nut)

Orbiting Silesia 7, October 7, 2260

        The Vorlon fleet guarding the Silesia system, and Silesia 7 in particular, was rather under-sized for it's task.  A massive Vorlon base had been set up on Silesia 7, which happened to be inhabited by about 2 billion sentients.  None of the three races that inhabited the Silesia system had been to space, but those of Silesia 7 were as close as any.  Silesia 7 was also the only planet which had any Vorlon presence on or above it.

        The main part of the base was an orbital facility.  There was also a large ground base on the southern continent of Slocum.  Slocum was a large Island, much as Australia was on Earth, except for one thing; none of the natives lived on Slocum.

        Silesia 7 was an important outpost for the Vorlons.  It was strategically located on the borders of many major races, most notably the Cascor.  It was close enough to League territory and a Vorlon expedition could be staged there with a minimum of hassle.  A Planet Killer and it's fleet had stopped here to rest briefly from pursuing Shadow vessels.  It was this that caused a full scale assault on the base.

        The Vorlon picket for this system consisted of 1 squadron of Heavy Cruisers consisting of 10 ships and accompanying fighters.  There was also one transport.

        It was another day of waiting and watching.  Until a pair of Shadow Scouts were detected phasing into the system.  The Vorlon fleet and bases in system went to full alert, and a lone cruiser was sent to go after the scouts.

        All fighters were launched, to be split equally against each Scout.  The cruiser stayed in position, ready to lend fire support in case any was needed.  The lead Scout got off a distress signal before it and it's partner were destroyed.  Only one Vorlon fighter had been destroyed, and one damaged, both by the lead Scout.

        "This is fleet command, all mobile units rendezvous with my Cruiser," ordered the commander of the local Vorlon fleet, who was in the cruiser which had engaged the Scouts.  Before this order could be given, a massive amount of Shadow ships of all kinds phased out of hyperspace.  Surviving records would indicate at least one hundred Cruisers and Scouts.  They lashed out in furious battle to attack the Vorlon fleet.

        Purple and yellow beams lashed out, striking their targets.  The Vorlon ships, with their organic armor, were unable to stand up to the massed firepower of the Shadow fleet.  All told, the entire Vorlon space fleet was destroyed, but they extracted a massive toll.  21 Scouts were destroyed, and 54 Battlecrabs were destroyed, and others had been damaged.

        Then, the main Shadow armada phased in.  Hundreds of ships escorted one of the most terrifying ships in the known galaxy: the Shadow Planet Killer.  The Planet Killer surrounded Silesia 7 after the orbital installations were taken, again at a high cost.  Hundreds of missiles rained down, and the planet was turned into a volcanic wasteland, killing it's inhabitants and
the Vorlon contingent at the ground base.

        The fleet pulled out, leaving only 20 medium ‘crabs and 5 Scouts to cover the system.  These were fresh ships.  Such would begin the brief Shadow occupation of the Silesia system.

Vorlon, October 8, 2260

        VorlonNut, a.k.a. VN to his friends, and only his closest friends called him Matt, stared at the most recent report from the front.  Silesia had fallen.  He knew that it would become important in the future, important in the battle between the Booji'ists and the Suits.

        "We need to re-take the system immediately," he said to Posh, the commander of the Vorlon Home Fleet, responsible for protecting Vorlon and it's star system.  "I know you will pass beyond when the time comes, but for those of us who must stay behind, it needs to be captured."

        "This is known to me.  But what disturbs me is that we haven't in the past launched any open attacks on Shadow forces since the first shots were traded in Brakiri space.  If they know the importance of the system then they will strive wit everything they have to capture it again.  We will have to keep throwing more and more ships to it's defense, and these are ships that we may not be able to spare."

        "If we continue to throw ships at it, then the enemy will as well.  They will have to throw out many times more ships to match our capacity.  If we maintain a strong picket, of perhaps 30 cruisers and a few transports scattered around, we can hold the system for a pretty long while.  It is highly unlikely that the Shadows will attack us in strength great enough to make a big difference.  I know it is a risk, but it is a risk we have to take, and one that I'd be willing to stake my life on!"

        Hearing these words from the second most powerful Vorlon in their hierarchy deeply stirred Posh.  But they also told him that VN believed in the risks that needed to be taken, and it finally gave him the courage to make a decision.

        "I'll agree to it, although you could pull rank on me even if I refused."

        "I could," VN said with a laugh, "but I choose not to.  I want your support in this, I want the support of some of those who will pass beyond the rim once this is all over."

        "Well, you have mine."

        "Good.  Now I must be gone.  I will take the three squadrons I mentioned earlier, my transport, and Commodore Yosh's transport.  If I need any other ships, I'll ask you for them, and you will give them to me ONLY if you can spare them, ok?"

        "Fine by me.  Good luck."

        "Thank you."

Hyperspace, October 10, 2260

        The 32 Vorlon ships, comprised of 30 cruisers and 2 transports, was gathered in a holding area just off the Silesia beacon.  Once all fighters had been deployed, the capital ships opened up their own individual jump points and jumped.  The ensuing battle was every bit as furious as the first battle, but it was dreadfully one-sided.  All Shadow forces were destroyed, with the Vorlon fleet taking only minor damage.

        One day after the battle was over, VN left in his transport for a short journey.  His ship went into Pak'ma'ra space, where a single Pak'ma'ra transport was being attacked by a Shadow battlecrab.  How the Pak'ma'ra ship could evade the Shadow vessel for so long baffled VN, but he knew he had a purpose in this trip.

        As the Vorlon Transport jumped, VN used his telepathic powers to jam the Shadow battlecrab, which was one of the "light" class.  The transport fired a sustained bust of energy from it's main weapon and destroyed the ‘crab.  VN morphed into his Pak'ma'ra side and used an EVA suit to enter the heavily damaged ship.

        As he searched the ship, he found there to be one dying male and one lone surviving female child.

        "Who are you," the dying Pak asked.

        "I'm a Vorlon, but I have assumed the face of a Pak'ma'ra.  I want to tell you that no atter what happens to you, your daughter will be safe.  I will take her with me back to Vorlon, and I'll take you too.  You both will be given the best treatment I can provide."

        "Thank you, kind Vorlon.  I know I'm going to die, even with the best that Vorlon science can do.  I ask you for one thing before I go.  Please show me how this will all end.  Please, so I can take it with me to whatever lies beyond."

        "Yes."  VN put a hand over the Pak's head, and sent him a brief image of First One's ships entering into some sort of dimensional rift to pass beyond the rim.  Shadow ships phased beyond the rim, and the Vorlon fleet jumped out.  Another image showed a Z'ha'dum being destroyed, and another showed that some Vorlons would stay behind.

        "I will stay behind.  Your daughter will stay here with me.  I promise that I will keep her safe for as long as she lives."  With these words, the Pak'ma'ra died, and only then did he notice that the little child was crying.  He went over to her and knelt next to her.

        "What's your name?"

        "I'm Pa'sha.  I'm 6."

        "Well, Pa'sha, now your going to live with me on Vorlon.  You will be my adopted daughter."  Through her tears, VN could see a gleam of hope shine through.

        Pa'sha was fitted with an EVA suit, and everyone went aboard the Vorlon ship.  Pa'sha's dad was left on the Pak'ma'ra transport, which was programmed to make a suicide dive into the heart of the nearest sun.  This was done when a Vorlon died, and this Pak'ma'ra wasn't a Vorlon, but he was a hero.

        The transport went back to Silesia until it was relieved by Rear Admiral Trelkesh, who would command the system's picket until the war's end.  A large ship dock was built in an asteroid about the size of Tuzanor.  The Shadows would attack the system only once more during the war.  That was done using a force of 50 ‘crabs, 20 of which were heavy, 20 medium, and 10 light.  They were screened by 5 Scouts.  The Shadow force was annihilated,
with no survivors.  The Vorlons lost 19 fighters, and 7 cruisers were heavily damaged.  The base was converted into a ship repair yard, but the war ended before any ships could begin to be built.  The base was abandoned, and eventually the coordinates found their way to the Booji'ists.

*The End?*