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Our Star Family Photo Album

The following photographs, provided by Ryan, are legitimate and unretouched other than to do equalization and solarization for the purpose of detecting energies not seen by the naked eye.

My explanations of what is contained in each of these photographs are based on my own knowledge and intuition as regards interpreting them.  Understand that my explanations are theory and are not guaranteed to be 100% truth.  It is what resonates with me and what I believe them to mean.

Ryan's Star Mom In Door Panel

If you look at the top door panel in this photograph, you will see the shape of a woman's head, short hair and facial features.  This was detected by using equalization and solarization to bring out the spectrum which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

I would like you to meet my friend Ryan's Sirian Star Mom.

A Reptilian

I have outlined the figure in this photograph.  As near as I can tell from the features, it is a Reptilian.  You can see the shape of the head, what appears to be ridges, and even make out the eyes, nose and mouth as well as the chin, neck, shoulders and chest.

This guy paid Ryan a visit one night and he snapped a picture of it!

Upper Left UFO

The upper left circled item is a UFO that was stationed over my friend's house for a few moments.  The lower right circled item, according to his star charts, is the planet Mercury.

One of the things that always intrigues me about my photographic analysis project is that in other UFO photographs I have studied, I have seen energy signatures show up not visible to the naked eye but yet being somewhat square in shape.  I believe these to be dimensional portals as well as energy that is unique to whoever is visiting us.

The original photograph (not available) showed a green light where the UFO was and a red light where Mercury is.

This particular energy pattern seems to go along with the discovery of grid lines or ley lines, energy matrices around the planet Earth that have powerful energy.

Channeled Symbols And My Best Translation

Ryan shared with me some symbols he was led to draw.  At this time, we both believe these symbol channelings are in the Sirian language.  I have been attuned to Sirian frequency recently (will explain my entire experience on another page).  If I am translating this correctly, the markings to the left of the long curved black area represent various alien species while the circle on the right represents the Galactic Federation Of Light.  The central pyramidal icon in the circle is the center of the Federation in regard to structure of what I would like to call "The Council".  The dividing long black symbols appear to be "separation" of some species from this Federation.

Symbolic History Of Earth

Again, this is an indication of the Galactic Federation Of Light (pyramidal symbol) with the Pleiadians to the left as noted in the "Star Disk" (a documentary was done about this on History and Science Channel, and further decoded by me in 2009 on Yahoo Far Future Calling group).  The symbol to the right may be the Sirians.  There are six historic Earth indicators below all of these.

The line with the two dots near it indicates the splitting of Earth and Mars by a fast moving (comet?) force, making them two separate planets.

The curved line above the dot to the bottom indicates the beginning of mankind's genetic engineering by outside forces for the purpose of evolution in spirit and mind.

The long wavy line next to and above the dot indicates observation by someone outside of the planet.

The short lines with the dot to the right and center indicate more outside influences becoming involved with mankind.

The three lines indicate "separation" as far as extra-planetary factions towards us.

The two lines curving together with the one above it appears to represent a reunity with over-sight (Galactic Federation?)

They identify with the eagle and the dolphin.

Again at the lower right we see the Galactic Federation pyramidal icon.  Above that are three chevron shapes with corresponding dots.  I believe these to be mankind's development with the oldest in linear time at the bottom and the future at the top.

The oldest one shows the dot actually on the chevron.  This would indicate that at the beginning, we were in tune with our star cousins.

The center one shows the dot down below a distance from the chevron.  This would seem to indicate a separation of ourselves from those in space spiritually and mentally.

The one at the top shows the dot (symbol again for humankind) above the chevron.  This is not saying that we are superior to our star cousins, but rather than being passively attuned, we are attuned in the coming days in an enlightened manner.

The part eagle/dolphin symbol indicates two very prized Earth species combined into one.  This indicates the connectivity of all energy and life.

Symbolic Ship Structure

I believe the influences in this symbolism indicate inter-dimensional versus regular dimensional space ships.  The general round shape indicates an enclosure and the symbols inside, while I cannot put them individually to species of extra-terrestrials, seem to indicate that these are the ones who use this mode of travel, whether they actually make the jump through hyperspace or simply open dimensional portals.

The Galactic Federation people as well as other species seem to not need ships to travel as indicated by these symbols being outside of the ship structure and the arrows going out from there to indicate "outside of".

Please note that at the very center of this symbolism, there is a round dot.  In previous interpretations, I have taken this to mean mankind.  There are similar markings around mankind that come into similarity with what I believe to mean the Galactic Federation.  I am theorizing that many of our souls came from these systems and are incarnate on the Earth at this time for the purpose of reuniting with others out there.

Matrix of energy/grid/ley lines

This seems to be an interconnectedness of various aspects of their existence and ours.  There appears to be two leg like landing pods to the left and right bottom.  This may mean an "anchoring" of their system structures into our own.  The wavy lines above the main symbol may be the energy lines known as ley lines or grid lines, or crystalline matrix, which is purported to have activated on October 10, 2010.

The fact that these lines are wavy and not straight, indicate that we are not seeing the lines as they actually are.  Distortion is a natural occurring phenomenon in the perception of solid objects or even perceived solid objects in space/other dimensions.  Many who begin the process of creative visualization using people and objects (prelude to practicing travel in the astral realm) find that at the beginning, their mental images are distorted.  It takes practice to anchor them into a fixed shape in their minds.


Many thanks to Ryan K. who provided me with these astonishing photographs.

Many thanks to those on the other side and outside of this planet in other dimensions who intuitively guided me in my interpretations.

I can only hope that I have accurately translated the messages that they wanted to share with you all.

If you have questions for myself, please E-Mail me at:

If you have questions for Ryan, please send to the above E-Mail and I will see that he gets it.

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*Love, hugs, peace and light*