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Lindaru's Star Cousins

My interest in UFO's and aliens began at the age of eight when one summer night in 1964, my Mom rushed to my room to shake me into wakefulness.  We went to my bedroom window where she pointed out an amazing thing in the sky.  It was round in shape, surrounded by lights on its outer edge of various colors, and twinkling.

I need not have asked what it was, because I already knew.  I was born (or should I say I chose to be born) into a family where anything paranormal was indeed normal.

We watched for a few moments, and then the twinkling dead still object with the pretty lights just disappeared completely.

It was shortly after that, that my psychic abilities really jumped into focus.  While two years previous, I had been able to telepathically project thoughts into my school mates' minds to make them say or do things at my will (have since learned that is a "no no"), I began my odyssey of intentional astral travel projection to destinies of choice and even was able to "talk to ghosts".

Things regarding the aliens kind of slowed down a bit, but in looking back, I believe that as I gained in understanding and ability, I was always watched over, though from the shadows so to speak.

In 2008, at the age of 51, my doctor pronounced me to be through menopause.

I was sitting on my couch watching television one day.  I felt something odd in my upper left jaw, so reached up to see what was going on.  The area of my gum concerned had had a tooth pulled back in 2005, so knew it could not be that.

I saw a rounded cornered cube that looked to be partly metal and partly some other substance, dark gray with strange wavy lines going in various directions.  This was so small that I actually had to get a magnifying glass to make out the lines.

I set it down on a paper towel and went to the kitchen to wash my hands.  When I came back, it was gone!

I can only guess at what it was.  It had to have been an implant placed in me during my years of fertility which now no longer being needed, was allowed to deactivate.

My father passed in March 2003.  Before that time, he had sent me numerous books on this subject, most dealing with reptilians and Pleiadeans.  I had read them at the time with great interest but not in any way that had particularly related to me on a personal level.

Then came the trip.

I was laying down one afternoon.  I know the difference between a vision and actually being taken in your astral form because when I return from an astral projection, the core of my body (around my solar plexus and heart chakras) feels like a washing machine slowing down after the spin cycle.

I was in this beautiful, what I can only describe as an atrium.  The walls were very high and white.  The sky above me was visible through the ceiling.  The beings I was with were very similar looking to us, but yet on a psychic/intuitive level, I knew they were not human.

There were these troughs and everyone walked in this water from one place to another, or you could rest with your legs and feet in these stations while sitting almost up to your knees.

Communication was not by speech, but rather by telepathy.  I was told these waters are for healing and have in the years since, learned that they are "crystalline waters".

A later in the week trip involved meeting a race of copper skinned females who were showing how they teach their young about life and death.

A grand-daughter is assigned to the grand-mother with very little intervention on this part by the mother.  When it is time for the grand-mother to cross over,  the mother stands to the back of the room while the grand-daughter comes up close.  She then witnesses the grand-mother's spirit leave her body in a burst of light.  This is how they teach their young that life and death are a continuous cycle, and that we go on after we leave our body.

After this experience was done, I was pretty much dormant with aliens for a while, instead concentrating on reiki healing, medium other side readings, astral projection and other psychic abilities.

In 2004 I had a mentor, Dorothy (Dottie) Vurnovas, who really got me up to speed.  I had been doing other things like controlling weather and fires, and she helped me to manage this so that I was not causing repercussive damage from what I was doing.  She was a psychic healer and other side medium herself, and good friends with my Dad, which was how I got to know her.

She remained my mentor until she crossed on May 19, 2008.

This was my time to learn that I was to be a mentor.

Since 2009, I have been slowly taking on mentorship of younger people with abilities and encompassing all that my Dad had urged that I learn before he passed, which is a label for us called "Indigos" with a mission called "light worker".

An Indigo is a soul that has chosen to be born into a life time for the purpose of raising awareness regarding our natural abilities which had been suppressed by authority and Government back in the days when  those persons felt that anyone with abilities could bring them down.  Think of Salem witch trials.

It is our natural heritage to be multi-dimensional and to use that portion of the brain which connects us not only via the five senses but also to the dimensions (our loved ones on the other side, our higher selves, and those energy essences beyond this solar system).  It is the mission of the light worker to gain this understanding; and to heal people, mother Earth (Gaia), animals, plants, and the general cosmic consciousness through example, love and light.

There are many ways that light workers perform their mission on this planet, and I will not go into all of them now, but am currently mentoring a wide variety on an individual basis as their abilities and desires lead them in the direction they need to go.

I will in other pages include photographs and channelings I, myself, have received regarding the existence of aliens and UFO's.

One of the things I learned how to do was to interpret anomalous energy from still photographs.  It works much like thermal imaging (if you have ever seen "Ghost Hunters" or various similar programs).

In the meantime, I leave you with this.

There is no reason to believe that our planet is the only one in the universe that is inhabited.  In fact, past life regressions have shown this to be the case, on many individuals (a book I will refer you to below).

There is no reason to think that every encounter with a species outside of Earth is unfriendly or harmful.  While some suffer negative abduction/encounter experiences, there are those of us who are working to correct this for you, and I, as a mentor, am working directly with some abductees to help them gain the respect they deserve in their  encounters and gain a relationship of cooperation.

As our physical universe makes its every 26,000 year transit through the Milky Way, we are scientifically and physically at about the center of it.  These electro-magnetic changes are causing energy changes in not only our solar system and Earth itself, but in the dense matter that every living soul or essence inhabits.

This also encompasses the dimensions that we do not detect with our five senses.  This, my friends and family, is where not only many of our star cousins reside but also those who have crossed over.

*Love, hugs, peace and light*


Recommended Reading:

For more reading on those who have crossed over on this planet to their new dimension, I refer you to my personal favorites, John Edward, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Browne.

I also refer you to Edgar Cayce for the things that have happened (Atlantis and Lemuria), the things we can do now (self healing) and that which is coming in our new age.

Many thanks to the authors, my father (Paul David Word who is now a guide for a friend of mine), my personal guides, those who I have taught and in turn have taught me so much, Dottie Vurnovas, and my own mother (Diane J. Y. Word) who wishes she had had internet access when she was on the Earth plane!

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