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Welcome to the Blue Room!
Blue Room Artifacts
In the upper left corner of this room are a number of ancient twentieth century music disks called "compact discs" or "C.D." for short.  Notice the prismatic effect as the light hits these most interesting pieces of technology.  An eye in a machine (reference the stereo equipment in one of the other rooms) reads patterns in the disk much like our com systems read data crystals.  Bo specially built this wall unit to house these particular C.D.'s which are collections of music from when the Babylon Station was running.

The center framed object is a collage of the mighty Dragon Con journey which was also foretold by ancient scripture.  Bo, Bailin, Gaidheil and Jhenti bravely went forth to obtain scientific evidence that other universes exist.  This collage is photographic evidence of such universes.

The top picture on the right depicts the many faces of Wayne Alexander.  If you have seen Morden's VOR Journey, you will know that this entity can be in many places in space and time, and never the same face twice!

The lower picture on the right as well as the items displayed on the table are testament to the lives of the people who dealt with the day to day crises on Babylon Station.  Theirs is a colorful collection of diaries and journals as well as historic photographic documents showing the lifetstyles, trials, tribulations and wars that were encountered during this time when Shadows and Vorlons, Centauri and Narn, and even Minbari and Human battled each other relentlessly.  Thank goodness all species of the universe get along better today.  What about the Suits you ask?  Who ever said they were considered a species?

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