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Welcome to the Yellow Room!
Yellow Room Artifacts
Look closely at the faces in the pictures of these people (not too close - otherwise you will get footprints on our new carpet).  These are people very similar to us.  They have their good sides and bad sides.  They have their good days and bad days.  Those that have hair may have trouble getting it to do what they want.  Like us, they crave Oreos and M&M's.  Unlike us, they got paid to crave Oreos and M&M's, and to have bad hair days.  Of the quarter of a million humans and aliens living on the station, these were the ones you saw most often.  Why, you ask?  Good talent agents.

By now, you are extremely curious as to what is inside the drawers of that table.  Bo and Bailin have given their solemn oath not to reveal the contents, and we must abide by their solemn oath to Booji.

However, I did not take such an oath and I'm going to blab!

One item is Jim's "Big And Tall Vorlon" catalogue of encounter suits.  He hates shopping for them and I cannot blame him.  The salespeople always have him try one on that is too small.  He is always trying to explain, "Nice material but it pinches me about where your butt would be."

Booji also likes to collect the brochures for the upcoming styles of Vree saucers.  Booji has been known to go incognito to a starship dealer and test drive a few.  While he owns several Sun Hawks, Star Furies, Vorlon Cruisers, Centauri Battleships, White Stars and even a Pulsar, he cannot resist the sleek and simple styling of the saucers.  Besides, they have neat medical testing equipment inside them.

The last items are . . . er, um . . . well . . . frankly this is a little embarassing.  You see, we have many goks in the Temple.  While most pets are at liberty to run free as nature intended them, goks find themselves comfortable wearing polka dotted gok underwear.  We have quite an assortment of colors and sizes of polka dots.  We tried getting the goks to wear plaid boxers, but they just simply refused.  Besides, goks in their underwear are an excellent defense against Suits!

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