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Welcome to the Violet Room!
Violet Room Artifacts
You just never know who you will run into in a museum!  Say hello to John Sheridan and Delenn on the left!  First, let me say that the ceiling fan is genuine 20th century styling and is typical of ceiling fans you will find today in the Temple.  Please resist the urge to turn it on . . . being from that time era, it is very fragile.

At the top of the room near the ceiling are some very unique alien statues which were found on Easter Island.  It took Bo nearly a week to dig them out of the sand without getting caught.  Fortunately, they were small enough to tuck inside his tool box.

Directly below these are some caricatures from the Star Wars universe.  The dude in the black is *not* a Ranger.  From what ancient cave paintings indicate, he was Darth Vader, the universe's most evil dictator.  Please note the droid type beings on either side of him.  The small white one was called an R-2-D-2 unit and the humanoid shaped gold one was a C-3-P-O.  Scientists once activated fossilized remains of these two droids and found the gold one got a bit annoying.

Below the the Star Wars caricatures and on the left are some very young humanoids.  We are in the process of trying to determine which of Bo and Bailin's many famous relatives in Earth Alliance these young ones represent.

Other items in this room depict the famous Babylon Five station which was the last of the prototype stations for Boojilon Five.  It is said that during the late twentieth century, many people wore hats, and collected figures and posters such as these depicted.

You may be wondering what those square electronic devices are on the shelf in the lower right corner.  Before com screens and data crystals, music and one way audio communication was done through "solid state" equipment such as the antique stereo components depicted here.  Again, this is very ancient and delicate equipment from the 20th century, so please do not play with anything.

This completes your tour of the Violet Room.  Press "back" on your browser to return to the entrance to get to the other rooms.