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Welcome to the Green Room!
Green Room Artifacts
On the far left of this room is a "C.D." tower, a unit designed to hold special compact discs from the 20th century in an orderly fashion so that one could easily locate a given C.D. expediently.  I find this to be a much more favorable form of storage than that which was designed for the data crystals - especially since data crystals cannot be labelled and you usually have to plug in 50 or so before finding the one you want to play.

The arrangement of disks on the wall are more for artistic enjoyment than for musical.  During the 20th century, many objects that were normally used for other main purposes were used for artistic display such as Elvis plates, Pillsbury doughboy salt and pepper shakers and spoons of the 50 states.  The artistic display I found most puzzling from that time was the oriental rug hangings on walls.  Scientists have still not been able to document that 20th century Earthers could even "walk" on the walls.

Notice the many still photographs of the Babylon residents.  These were taken from photo albums donated to Bo and Bailin on their extensive research of the people of Babylon Five.  It is interesting to note that there are no baby pictures of any of these beings.  It is speculated that being that baby pictures were considered an embarassment to many people, especially when shown by elder relatives to friends, that there was a law passed prohibiting baby pictures to be shown in public.

Take a very close look at the brown glass bottle on the floor.  This is a replica of a bottle that the Anti-Booji attempted to put on his head to annoy Booji about his bucket.  However, Booji got the last laugh in this situation.  It seems that the original brown glass bottle was being used as a holy ashtray and the Anti-Booji ended up having to go home and take a shower.

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