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Open 24 Hours!
Seven Days A Week

Welcome ToThe Largest Temple Of Booji

You have arrived here through a jump gate in space . . .

*Below is a jump gate to take you to the Awesome Insanity Surfers planet after hours!*

Jump Gate

Welcome to all of Booji's followers . . . welcome to all of those who would like to learn about Booji.  This is just one of the temples in Cyberspace and the temples are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays!

To visit the "Official Site Of Booji", which is Garibaldi's Temple, please click on the banner below:

Our motto is:  Est Sularus oth Mithas - which means "My honor is my life ".  Please repeat this affirmation (motto) several times a day as part of the cleansing ritual of Booji.  Oh!  I'm sorry!  Yes of course, please do come in . . . have we met before?

Let me introduce you to the great and powerful Booji - see the powerful Booji and hear his wise words.

If thou needest to use the holy toilet, it is left at the altar and the first door on your right.

Be sure to view the wall dedicated to the followers and to gain a better understanding of what the mission of each of the Followers of Booji is by touching this holy icon at which time you shall be rewarded!  The beauty of the House of Booji is breathtaking!  Be sure to come back here once you have finished. 

  There is much for you to do . . .

You may be wondering how we came to be in the Temple of Booji and where we all came from.   Read the ancient scrolls by clicking here but be prepared!  There are six parts to this story and even though the original archives have been frozen over in the great ice age, Booji preserved the journal entries of some of the followers in the last days of the old world.

Want to learn the real secret behind the Suits destruction of the old station?  Security Chief Jones learned some eye opening details about what really happened in the last days.  Read the Chief's chilling tale by clicking here.   This is a four part story and takes place in the same time and location as that told in the ancient scrolls!

Come this way to the Temple library . . . we have some very talented followers with excellent stories to show you!  Our first works are Marichka's Story which will keep all Babylon Five fans glued to their seats and Gwyn's Stories of the Followers a soul searching and sensitive story of the followers' battles against the Suits!

Be sure to read Gwyn's Stories Of The Followers for some very insightful adventures!  Check the library news stand for some exciting new adventures!

Vorlon Nut gives a fresh perspective from Vorlon Home World in his new story which spins you into the excitement of battle, the endearment of a six year old orphaned Pak'Ma'Rah child and how her life entwines with our hero, and see some exciting new ships in the Boojilon universe!  Be sure to check out your copy of The Battle Of Silesia 7 now!  Also read his intense account of Vorlon Home World and Boojiists banding together to fight the Drakh, The Suits and The Cows in A Line In The Night - will the animosity between the Vorlons and the Boojiists be their undoing?  Can they learn to trust one another despite a common enemy?  Learn all about the ship specifications for Vorlon Nut's introduction of new ships and his disclaimer - comments welcome .

*NEW* - *NEW* - *NEW* - Read the adventures of The Fourth Ranger as he battles the Suits on behalf of his beloved Booji and followers on his new web site - this is a story in many parts currently being created, so keep checking back for new installments!

*NEW* - *NEW* - *NEW* - Take a tour through our newest Booji and Babylon Five dedicated web site by Chris, our Junior Holy Warrior - great pictures and link - this site is just starting so check back often to see new additions - here is your key to enter!

Thank you to Eclipse who designed the image and thank you to the creators of Southpark for allowing us to have fun with your characters!

Boojilon 5 - Southpark Style!

How do we support our Temple, you ask?  We have much wealth in The Treasury and Booji always provides for our needs.  It is hard to discuss our wealth and remain humble since we are a completely non-profit Temple; however, you may look at the treasury by going through this archway and then hitting "back" on your browser to return here.  We are currently undergoing a minor crisis regarding the planetoid the Temple is located on.  Be sure to see the projection Eclipse has made of what our planetoid is going to look like unless we get the funds to rebuild!

There is a new room in the Temple just off of the Treasury - the courtyard!  After you have visited the courtyard, go through the door at the bottom of the floor and discover an amazing part of the hotel that is caught in a time distortion!  Hail Booji and click here to start your exciting tour!

Our first two museum exhibits are just next to the Booji Treasury Display Case.  Come see evidence of Morden's travels to the world of V.O.R. by turning this door knob and walking into this wondrous part of the Temple!  Hopefully you packed some lunch, because there are seven rooms to see in Bo and Bailin's ancient artifacts exhibit.  Here you can read the Dead Ocean Scrolls and see evidence of life in other universes!  Explore ancient Earthers of the 20th Century as evidenced by this fabulous exhibit .

I suppose by now you have many questions for the Booji followers.  For advanced questions on our mission and who we are, be sure to step in the bucket below, but first you must ask the *essential* questions and take a tiny insignificant little test . . .

Now that you have your questions about Booji and the universe in general answered, you want to join our group of followers, right?  There is a test you must first pass.  Go here to take the test and then hit "back" to return to this part of the temple.

I see you passed the test.  Many congratulations!  Booji is proud of you.

While you are here, we ask that you abide by the six holy rules:

#1 - Make a big mess and Booji will remind you that ye shall use the holy bucket to keep your Temple clean. #4 - You must keep a record of time flown in all Temple vehicles used by Temple personnel.  Vouchers are obtainable by asking permission in most embarassing ways.
#2 - Music will be played at loud levels.  Booji prefers the Andromeda Theme this month (subject to change without notice dependent upon Booji's whims). #5 - Clothing is always optional in all Temple functions.  Be prepared to be judged by Booji for his is the opinion that matters to you.  No more than 25 tattoos or body piercings, or combination thereof, are tolerable!
#3 - You may complain about the food in the galley, just not to anyone within ear shot.  Notes in the holy suggestion box are permitted. #6 - Gotcha!  There is no #6!

Dare you test your faith?  There is one in the universe who is the "Master Of All Terror" - but his gifts are great!  If you can walk through the darkness, there are freebies to download - er, um, I mean great wonders of the universe to obtain!  Enter this doorway to face your Terror, then hit "back" to return to this Temple.

Still hungry for some great reading?  Visit Susie Q. Franklin's fan fiction site by opening this book and get ready for adventure in the making!

In summary, Hail Booji and all followers!  Thank you for coming and I wish you a safe journey.  Return often . . . the temple of Booji is Sanctuary!

Twinkling Yellow Stars

All Babylon Five characters and images contained in these pages are the property of J. Michael Straczynski, Warner Brothers and TNT.  We are only borrowing them for our own entertainment and no offense to anyone is intended.