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The Chief's Tale Part 1

"Security Officer's Log:  Acting Chief Jones"

"It's been a pretty normal day around here so far.  Well, if you use the word 'normal' loosely, real loosely.  Around here we can pretty much always count on at least one Narn-Centauri incident, in this case only a battle of words; two Drazi transport captains complaining about the customs procedures, three today isn't so bad; and some petty theft around the Zoccalo, only one attempted shoplift today so far, and he got caught.  All in all, pretty quiet around the station, by our standards.  I have noticed a few more suits around than usual, but they just kinda hang around on the peripherals for the most part.  They're not really doin' anything wrong, just makin' everybody a little uncomfortable is all."

"Zack is still laid up with that broken knee.  The doc says it'll be a while before he's up and about again.  Personally, I think he's hamming it up for the extra paid time off, but hey, I'm acting chief, being suspicious is part of the job."

"I've been hearing some pretty weird things over the last twenty minutes or so as I've been recording my log.  People are saying that Ivanova isn't coming back and that she transferred off station to a Warlock class ship and that Captain Lochley is a permanent replacement, which might not be so bad if she actually had a personality, but she's still no Ivanova.  Marcus is dead, or in a coma.  I've heard both.  Somebody even said that David Sheridan was playing with some matches and burned up John and Delenn's quarters . . . what is this 'A Very Special Babylon 5'? Normally I'd think it's just the usual batch of station rumors, you know, like last year when people were sayin' that G'Kar became a woman to seduce Londo . . . please, but these suits bein' around, well, kinda makes you wonder.  End Security Officer's Log."

"Well, I think I'm gonna go take a look around the station, see what's really going on."

Nothing I had heard could prepare me for what I saw in the casino . . .

What did I see in the casino?
Where are these rumors coming from?
If that was a normal day, what's a bad one like?

All this and more in the next exciting installment!