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The Chief's Tale Part 3

"Stephen, haven't you noticed anything strange lately?"

"Define 'strange'."

"I mean strange even for Babylon 5, Londo developing this strange disease at the drop of a hat, I really haven't seen Ivanova . . ."

"That would be because of her transfer, since Marcus is beyond our reach . . ."

"You mean, that's also true?"

"Yes!  It's been absolutely tear jerking!  Thank goodness Captain Lochley is here now to . . ."

"You mean you like her?!"  It's even worse than I thought.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"The suits, they've even gotten to you!"

"Nobody has 'gotten to' me Jones, and even if they did, I won't even be here much longer.  I've got a sweet gig back on earth, it will keep me off station unfortunately, but it's got great benefits!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  I just had to get away from this insanity he was spewing!  The suits even got to Franklin.  Zack is out of commission, Ivanova left us, Marcus is in a coma, Londo is dead, Franklin is leaving too . . . this can only mean one thing . . . budget cuts!  The suits have decided that the actors from the first four seasons are making too much money, so they've decided to replace everybody and bring in second rate actors for less pay.  It's all becomming clear now, Lochley for Ivanova, Byron for Marcus, oh the humanity!

What's worse is that they don't even see it.  They are so well scripted that they believe it all.  I guess that being a side character has it's privilages after all.  We're not as carefully scripted, so we see what's really happening here!  I have to do something!  I must find someone to help us!

Who will help us?
Is Marcus dead, or just in cryo?
How could anyone actually like Lochley?!

All this and more in the next exciting installment!