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The Chief's Tale Part 4

Just then I heard a loud explosion!  I could feel the air rushing down the corridor.  There must be a breach in the hull!

I had to think fast.  If there was a hull breach, then the air was rushing toward it.  Quickly I determined what direction I would need to be travelling in to escape the suction from the breach.  Med Lab was on this level, and in the direction that I had to travel to escape the station.  There was still time to save Marcus, who was at this moment in cryo, and get to the cobra bay.

Fighting the rush of wind down the corridor, I slowly made my way to Med Lab.  Fights were breaking out all over the station, security officers were being written out of the show everywhere!  Fatal wounds delivered with a mere scribble, I guess the pen is mightier than the PPG!  I forged ahead as there was nothing I could do to help them.  I arrived in Med Lab just in time to witness a miracle.  Marcus was there, alive!  But wait, isn't that also Marcus frozen in a now open cryo tube, and just what is Michael doing with that bucket?

Before I knew what was happening, the bucket was thrown, and landed squarely on the head of the frozen Marcus, and a name whispered across my mind, "Booji".  Booji told me that I must save myself, as anyone from the old station posting boards was now considered expendable by the suits.  We had to carry on!  Booji assured me that all was taken care of in Med Lab, and so I followed where he led.

I made my way to the Cobra Bay and quickly strapped myself into my Star Fury.  Just in time the hatch closed as suction started to drag anything that wasn't latched down out of the bay.  I initiated the launch sequence, and manuevered my ship out of the bay, only a moment too late.  As the bay doors opened, a large piece of debris came hurtling through them from the battle outside.  Wait!  That's no ordinary debris, it's Captain Lochley!  She must have been sucked out of her quarters when the hull breached!  The station's rotation brought the Cobra Bay doors into her flight path!  Captain Lochley came smashing into my forward hull, right through the glass.  Time was running out for me as the air was slowly leaking out of my ship.  If it wasn't for the space suit, I would've been done for.  I was able to get my fury out of the line of battle, but what lay ahead of me was unknown.

Then I heard him speak again, in Marcus' voice, "Run Jones, run!  You must get to the worm hole before it's too late!"  I plotted the course that Booji told me and prayed to Booji that the others would make it out alive.

The mysterious 'worm hole', as Booji had named it, opened up in all of its two dimensional glory, and my ship entered it.  Time seemed to stand still until I found myself staring at the impossible - a new Babylon station!  The new station was not quite as well built as the old one, but when the others arrived I knew that we could make this place our last, best hope for good conversation!

The last thing I heard before being rescued was this thought:  "Go Jones, and become Chief Jones, Security Chief for the Temple of Booji."  As Booji has commanded, so I have done.

Hail Booji!

Hail The First Disciple - Marcus
Hail The Defender - Garibaldi
Hail The Sage - Willmore The Rover
Hail The Scribe - Anla'Shok Na
Hail The Custodian - Ranger1138
Hail The Scientist - Kat (dog_doc)
Hail The Acolyte - Gaidheil
Hail The Great Watcher - WBAlan
Hail The Spiritual Inquisitor - RES
Hail The Seeker - Marichka (Morden)
Hail The Hunter - Major Buttons (kitten of the departed FTM)
Hail The Traveler - Traveler
Hail The Deprogrammer - Danae
Hail The Enlightened - Jhenti
Hail The Hit Man - Sarge (Sargsatt)
Hail The Keeper Of Eternal Vigil - Morgan
Hail The Profit - Mr. Rubix Cube
Hail The Bard - Flarnstar
Hail The Treasure Horder - HotRod
Hail The Keeper Of The Profit - Galin
Hail The Silent Watcher - Bailin
Hail The Builder - Reebo
Hail The Teacher - Lindaru
Hail The Ancient - OldenOne
Hail The Procrastinator - Jaybee
Hail The Dark Avenger - Zahadum
Hail The Scholar - Dief
Hail The Dreamer - Dreamer5401
Hail The Threatener - Marisa
Hail The Heckler - Ayame
Hail The Transporter - Neil
Hail The Security Chief - Security Chief Jones
Hail The Master Of Terror - Critty
Hail The Architect - Devon
Hail The Keeper Of Booji's Holy Gok - Entil'zha Einat
Hail The Commandment Composer - She Who Must Be Obeyed