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Bo's and Bailin's Special House Guest
Delenn And Bo
This is supposed to be an utmost secret, but since you stumbled into the guest room by accident, you see that Bo and Bailin have been subletting their guest quarters to Delenn!  You see, that is how you are able to run into them in the museum, because they are staying in the Temple for a short period of time.

And you thought Sheridan had gone beyond the rim?  Sure . . . you just keep telling yourself that.  Right now he is working with the First Ones there, but he does come back from time to time to see how his wife is doing.  In the photograph above, it took some quick thinking on Bo's part as some visitors to the Temple caught them sneaking into the kitchen for a snack.  Bo quickly plopped a Booji hat on Delenn's head and ushered her away before she was recognized.

Therefore, at this time we must vow you all to secrecy.  Delenn will be with Bo and Bailin for a while since she is giving Ranger training on Markab from 8:00 to 5:00 weekdays and this was the closest place she could stay on her off hours.  Also, none of the nearby hotels serve Oreo's, M&M's, animal crackers or Minbari fruit.

If you would like to host a guest from the now defunct Babylon station as they perform their missions on Markab, please contact Booji directly here at the Temple for permission as one of our main goals is to hide these people away from reporters from Universe Today.

To sneak back out of this room unnoticed, please hit "back" on your browser.