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The Last Day (Part 1 Of 6)
The Journal Entries of the Followers of Booji
The Battle of The Suits
Before the Ice Age

FTM's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:21 AM):

Okay, I don't know about you lot, but they're not taking me without a fight!  My kitten, Major Buttons, and I are prepared for the hunt.

Garibaldi was with me and Sarge was watching from Communications.

"Mr. Garibaldi, throw me over one of those PPG's you're always talking about, will you?"



I strode off into the distance, clutching a big shiny red bucket in my left hand.


I kicked open the door.

Inside the room, 12 men clad in weird but seemingly innocuous Laura Ashley dresses were crouched around a table, muttering and chuckling to themselves.

"Oh, sorry to disturb you.  Haven't seen any Suits, have you?"

"You mean like this one?"  (Rips open tasteless flowery pinafore dress to reveal even more tasteless pinstriped suit complete with lurid Bugs Bunny tie before brandishing an even bigger PPG and leaping over the table.)

"Err . . . yes, actually . . . well, you're not gonna take me alive!"

I got in quick and fired my PPG first . . . but nothing happened.

"Damn it!  It's jammed!"

*Clack*  *Zwoosh*


Violet Chain

Sarge's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:31 AM):

Hit by a searing light, FTM fell to the ground, her bucket rolling forlornly away from her.

"Ah ha ha ha ha!  Ah ha ha ha ha!" the Suits laughed repeatedly as they stepped over her motionless body.

FTM struggled with her last words.  "Th-there's some . . . thing . . . I need to . . . tell you all . . . Boo . . . urgh . . . Booji is not . . . he's not who you--thi . . . please . . . the bucke--"

A small sigh and then complete silence.


The stillness is eventually broken by a pitiful tiny cry.


Then another.


Something tiny and dazed rolls out of the abandoned Booji bucket.

Blue Chain

Major Buttons' Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:46 AM):

"Umm . . . are you there?"

I picked myself up and noticed the broken remains of what was once FTM.

"No!  What I am going to do now?  Who will give me prawns?"

Sarge's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:46 AM):

Suddenly, the fluffy little creature draws itself up to its full height (which is not very big at all) and a flash of vengeful purpose lights up its eyes.

Red Chain

Major Buttons' Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:51 AM):

From now on, I shall be known as Major Buttons.  I will take my rightful place as heir to the Great Booji Hunter.  Vengeance shall be mine - only it will have to be on the new station  from now on.

Green Chain

Sarge's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:56 AM):

And off the tiny kitten poodled, traversing many toolbars, icons and go-to buttons, in her quest for the Promised Land.

Garibaldi's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (08:15 AM):

FTM!!!  No!!!  *Sniff*  My gun failed her.  I warned them all not to use anything but the religious icon, but--  *Waaa*  --now I have only revenge!!!

I grabbed the keys to Delta 6 and flew into the cockpit.

Morgan was there.  "Garibaldi--what are you doing?"

"Open Cobra Bay doors."

"Garibaldi!  No!  We need to make a coordinated strike!"

"Computer, manual override, authorization Garibaldi 007.  Open bay doors."

Computer:  "Acknowledged.  Opening Cobra Bay doors."

At this point, I shot off into space.


Dancing Rainbow Lights

FTM's Final Journey Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (08:27 AM):

Trying . . . to . . . get . . . through . . . don't . . . do . . . it . . . Garibaldi . . . can't . . . break . . . back . . . through . . .

The . . . mists . . . of . . . the . . . rim . . . are . . . too . . . dense . . .

Booji . . . help . . . us . . . goodbye . . .

Dancing Rainbow Line

How can a kitten help save the station?  Where is Garibaldi going?  Will the followers of Booji escape the evil of The Suits?  Read on in Part 2 of our story!