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The Last Day (Part 2 Of 6)
The Journal Entries of the Followers of Booji
The Battle of The Suits
Before the Ice Age

Delta 6 Computer Logs  Sun 02 Aug '98 (08:30 AM):

Jump gate opens, massive ship comes flying through, Delta 6 hit by ship's radar dish and goes flying.

Computer:  "Systems critical.  Eject non-functional.  Weapons off line.  Power at 21% and falling.  Engines near critical."

Garibaldi:  "No . . . not like this!"

Aligns Delta 6 with ship.

Garibaldi:  "Go to hell you bastar--ahhh!"

Bright beam of light catches Delta 6 and throws it into ship's hangar.  Garibaldi passes out.

Blue Chain

Flarnstar's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (08:38 AM):

Nooo!  This can't be happening!  FTM is gone . . .

Violet Chain

Communications Video Log  Sun 02 Aug '98 (09:00 AM):

Garibaldi awakes, eyes fluttering open, and he finds himself chained to a cross and bleeding from the mouth.

A Suit approaches and kicks him in the face.  The suit takes off his hood.

"Wait--I know you . . . you're--"

The Suit kicks him again.

"I'm Mr. Warner, but that is unimportant.  We found this weapon in your ship.  You will tell us what it does."

"Go to hell!"

Kicks again.

"You will tell us what it does, now, Mr. Garibaldi."

Garibaldi spits on The Suit.

The Suit laughs, takes a gun and fires one shot.  The chain holding Garibaldi snaps, falling to the ground.  The Suit takes the gun on the floor and steps back.

Garibaldi breathes heavily, then looks the Suit in the eyes.


Garibaldi flies up with gun in hand and unsnaps the safety catch - aims and pulls the trigger - nothing happens!  The Suit laughs maniacally.

"My associates emptied all but one bullet of your ammo before they gave the weapon to me.  Now that you have shown us where the safety catch is, we can begin to produce these weapons on a mass scale and sell them retail around the world."

Garibaldi grinned.

"Goodbye, Mr. Warner."

Garibaldi lifts the gun and points to his head.  He closes his eyes - the room goes silent - no one moves.

Garibaldi pounds the little red button with his fist and goes flying behind the cross as the PPG blasts pound at wood and the interceptor begins the countdown.

He laughs as he goes running down the hall, tailed by screaming Suits and burning blasts of PPG fire.

Interceptor:  "8 . . . 7 . . . 6 . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . ."

Garibaldi rounds the corner, hangar in sight, when he is thrown against the wall.  The sound of crunching metal erupts behind him and the air begins to flow down the hall.  Garibaldi picks himself up and begins to run - torrent grows as the hull breach widens - almost at Delta 6!

Green Chain

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (09:16 AM):

I was awakened by the fighting outside . . . White Stars and Star Furies . . . even Delta Squadron was blasting in the darkness.  I crawled tentatively out of the hole in the wall next to the elevator in brown sector.  I am so delighted that Booji has seen me through the bewitching hour . . . the data crystal . . . it had made it safely but then there was the toxic fumes through the ventilation system that had put me to sleep.

Red Chain

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (09:21 AM):

I heard something coming down the corridor.  "Mew" and the dragging of something metal.  Was it a trap?  I know that we are in the last hours, so I will chance seeing what it is.  A kitten!  It is dragging a bucket . . . could it be *the* bucket?  I dare not hope.  The moment I picked up the kitten, there was an instant bond . . . telepathically the kitten informed me of the loss of FTM and that its name was Major Buttons, the new Hunter for the Temple of Booji.  I must get us out of here . . . but now is not a good time . . . too many Suits!  Too many G.D. Suits!  We must get help.

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (09:26 AM):

Slowly, hiding Major Buttons inside the bucket, I crept along the eerie corridors.  Reaching the elevator, I stepped slowly inside, making sure no one saw me.  "C&C," I whispered to the computer.

Delta 6 Computer Logs  Sun 02 Aug '98 (09:30 AM):

Garibaldi grabs the side of Delta 6 just as the air is sucked out from underneath him and he is picked off his feet.  Suddenly, the artificial gravity goes in a huge explosion - weightless and breathless, Garibaldi pulls himself into the cockpit and seals the hatch just as his eyes begin to freeze over and the blood in his face bubbles to his skin.

He flips to maximum thrust and is almost knocked unconscious by sudden acceleration.  Just as he clears the hangar bay doors, the ship explodes violently - a piece of debris slams into Delta 6, sending it flying in a shower of sparks and flames.

Garibaldi:  "Eject!!!"

Garibaldi yells as the rear of Delta 6 disappears in a white hot spray of plasma, the force of its detonation sending Garibaldi's pod shooting off into the night at an unbearable speed.

Garibaldi:  "The Suits started it!"

Dancing Rainbow Lights

Lindaru's Journey Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (01:37 PM):

The elevator stopped and I stepped out.  Major Buttons was restless under my jacket.  I carefully lifted the claustrophobic kitten out of the bucket, looking for signs of the evil Suits.  Major Buttons jumped free and landed on the floor.  I went over to the console, looking for anything that might stop the inevitable destruction of this station.  Major Buttons sniffed the air and her hair stood straight up.  Garibaldi was in trouble!  I did not even notice the kitten slip through the door towards her first hunt.

Dancing Rainbow Line

Will Lindaru find the answer in C&C?  Where has Major Buttons gone and what is she up to?  With Delta 6 destroyed, how will Garibaldi fight The Suits now?  Read on in Part 3 of our story!