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The Last Day (Part 3 Of 6)
The Journal Entries of the Followers of Booji
The Battle of The Suits
Before the Ice Age

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (01:37 PM):

I took command of the controls on the console of C&C.  A face appeared on the Babcom screen . . . it was OldenOne!  "OldenOne!" I cried, "you must save us!  You are the only one who has been in this universe since its creation!  Lorien and Zathras will not respond to our cries!"  OldenOne asked me where the data crystal had been sent.  I gave the secret address:

     One of the Booji Temples at coordinate (censored for fear the Suits will read this)

I assured OldenOne that if she would help, all could be saved from total destruction.

Meanwhile, Major Buttons searched for something yummy for his tummy . . .

Red Chain

Garibaldi's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (02:01 PM):

I started laughing.  I laughed and laughed and laughed, and couldn't stop.  It was just so funny!

The air is running low.  Within minutes I will pass out, yet right there in plain view is Babylon 5, my sanctuary--and nothing I can do!  I am moving away from it at over 50,000 kilometers an hour!

Green Chain

Delta 6 Computer Logs  Sun 02 Aug '98 (02:06 PM):

Garibaldi's throat began to hurt.  Reaching down into the vest pocket of Delta 6's cockpit, he pulled out a flask of whiskey.  He had no more than put the flask to his lips than the whole world started to dim . . . taking a drink he almost . . . started to . . . doze.

Computer:  "Collision warning.  Pull away."

Garibaldi:  "Stupid piece of garbage!  (Chuckles.)  There ain't anythin' in B-5 space!  We've only got 20 hours to live!  You worthless piece of--"

Garibaldi suddenly flew through the cockpit glass and everything went dark.

Violet Chain

Drazi Ship Computer Logs  Sun 02 Aug '98 (02:10 PM):

Garibaldi awoke leaning out of his shattered cockpit.  Surprised to be alive, he looked around before he even moved an inch.  Above him, teetering haphazardly, a large shard of glass swung from its fixture . . . getting looser every second.

It snapped, falling towards his neck.  He jerked up out of the way and slipped, spilling out onto an unfamiliar surface.

Dazed, he looked up.  It was a Drazi ship, very damaged.  It was especially torn up in the area where his Star Fury's pod had collided with it.  Luckily, Drazi use a petroleum based metal for their ships and the tattered hull had stretched to accommodate the intruding pod, seamlessly sealing it off from the terrible forces of the vacuum outside.  Suddenly, a face came into view, a face Garibaldi knew pretty well.

Garibaldi:  "Hi, Booji!  Where's your bucket?"

Marcus:  "Michael?  What in the bloody hell are you doing here . . . and who is Booji?"

Blue Chain

Reebo's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (02:59 PM):

Garibaldi is gone and Major Buttons, who is supposed to pilot Star Fury 5, isn't here yet.  We need to launch now.  Delta Squadron and three White Stars are waiting for my signal.  We need another pilot.  Is that a technician down the hall?  I yelled, "Hey!  What's your name?"  He responded, "My name?  My name is Bo."  I smiled.  "Well, Bo, you are now an honorary pilot.  Get in Delta 9!"

Soon we were out in space, fighting fire with fire, defending our beloved station.  I saw the Suits' ships--the long dark evil ships--blue, black and brown--some had pinstripes.  "Squadron, White Stars, fire at will!" I ordered into my com.  Then the firing came.  It was like swarms of bees all over you.  Booji must have been protecting me because none of their shots hit.  "Delta 9 ejecting my com!" a scream pierced my ears.  I saw him eject over by one of the Suits' ships.  How did he get over there?  The remains of his ship hit the dish on the ship and the dish went up in a burst of fire.  It can't communicate with the other ships, I realized.  "All ships concentrate on the blue enemy ship!" I ordered, "and White Star 40, pick up Delta 9 if you don't mind.  Fire!"  I fired and fired.  Then it went up in flames and it was gone.  I spun the ship around and in front of me were two Suit ships, and they were both locked onto me.

Dancing Colored Lights

Sarge's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (03:06 PM):

I stood over the bodies of the cast of Seventh Heaven, a warm PPG in my hands and a slight smile on my lips.  My link beeped.  "Go," I said.

"This is Lindaru in C&C.  We need you!  Garibaldi is on a Drazi ship, Major Buttons is looking for food, all OldenOne wants to do is watch, and we can't find Booji!  Help!"

"On my way!"  I turned to go, only to find a Suit stepping out of the shadows with a wicked grin and gleaming red eyes.  "You killed our best show!  I'm gonna--"

His eyes bulged as a third eye appeared on his forehead.  As he crumpled to the floor, I said to his smoking PPG, "Too much talk, eh, Reefa?  Let's go!"

Before I could take a step, a blinding blue light enveloped me.  I thought to myself, "We live for the One, we die for the One!"  Then I heard a voice say, "Oh boy!"

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Reebo's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:11 PM):

My mind raced.  What was I supposed to do?  My hands jammed the controls.  I recited my prayers in my head over and over.  I saw the shots coming then--boom!  Two bright firey blossoms ignited in front of me.  Two Drazi ships zoomed out of hyperspace firing.  They were the ones who saved me.  Booji had sent them.  Static came over my com.  I had to get back to the station.  Something was calling me there.  Without a word, I flew out of the fight and docked back at the station.  I left my fighter charging and walked down the hall to the tube.  "C&C," I whispered.

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:43 PM):

I watched the com screen go blank.  What had happened to Sarge?  The image had just faded so abruptly.  Did Sarge get the urgent message?

What were the Procrastinator and the Ancient One planning?  That swirly blue thing out in space no longer looked like a jump gate but rather a vortex or a worm hole.  Had it been disguised on purpose?

"Babylon Control!"

I jumped at the sudden command being heard behind me.  It was an authoritative female voice . . . young but strong.

"This is Babylon Control," I responded.

"Is everyone ready to gather as planned?"

"Yes," I responded hesitantly.  "Is this the Ancient One?"

There was a short burst of laughter.  "No, Babylon.  I am Captain Susan Ivanova."

Laser PPG

Is this the end of Sarge?  Is it really Captain Susan Ivanova or is it one of The Suits playing out a deadly game?  What is Reebo planning?  Read on in Part 4 of our story!