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The Last Day (Part 4 Of 6)
The Journal Entries of the Followers of Booji
The Battle of The Suits
Before the Ice Age

Garibaldi's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:45 PM):

Marcus stood over me.  "Michael!  You're drunk!"

"I am not . . . I only had a sip!"

"Don't lie to me!  I can smell it all over you!"

"You sound like my ex-wife."

Unfortunately, Marcus is right.  I am covered in alcohol.  Looking over, I can see that the bottle of whiskey I had in my hand was now shattered and sprayed all across the cockpit wall and floor.  I had slipped on it and fallen right into a puddle.

A Drazi walked in puffing a nice big cigar and sighing happily and heavily with each breath.  His costume looked identical to Marcus', signifying a Ranger, but he seemed a bit more laid back and casual.  As he walked by, he flicked the ashes from his cigar.

I watched in terror as a cloud of flames mushroomed up all around me.  When the cloud dissipated near the ceiling, I could see that I, the ship and the ignorant Drazi were on fire.

Rolling frantically, I managed to put myself out before it burned through my clothes to my skin, but the Drazi was not so lucky.  His thick robes went up like a month old Christmas tree.

Marcus stared in disbelief as the figure dropped and burned to cinders before his eyes.

"Look," Marcus said sadly, "his Ranger pin is crying!"

"It's melting, you fool."

Blue Chain

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:48 PM):

I stood at the console in a daze.  Could it really be Captain Ivanova speaking to me or was it one of The Suits trying to trick me?

It was only a matter of hours before the destruction of the station.  I headed for the appointed meeting place.  Along the way, I nearly tripped over a kitten and . . . was that Ranger1138 and Sarge bruised and bleeding on the floor?  I bent close to them.  They were both still alive.  I must get to Med Lab right away.

Green Chain

Marcus' Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:50 PM):

All of the dead Suits in the other room had started to revive and awaken.  The whole mob began to slowly make their way towards Garibaldi and myself.

"This is not what I need," mumbled Garibaldi.

Garibaldi's gun started blaring and guts flew everywhere, but the group persisted and Garibaldi ran out of bullets.  He switched to rockets just as I unsheathed my pike and started beheading the zombie Suits, but the corpses continued after us and we were backed against a wall with no hope of breaking through.  Garibaldi had switched to flame throwing, but the fuel tank for his interceptor was nearly empty.

"I have an idea!  Cover me!"  Screamed Garibaldi above the noise.

Garibaldi threw his gun up and I caught it.  Grabbing a pipe, Garibaldi began hitting the wall.  A piece broke off, and reaching through the hole, he was able to reach some wires.  He quickly attached them to his link.

"Attention!" Garibaldi called through his hand, "Mike's Floral is having a going out of business sale.  Get five pounds of roses for only 100 credits!"

The mob of Suits, nearly on top of us by now, suddenly turned and flocked down the hall, running and pushing, trying to be the first in line.

"I don't get it," I said, baffled, "Mike's Floral is in the other direction."

Garibaldi smirked.  "They're not trying to get roses, you dummy.  They are rushing off to buy the store.  Now we have to hurry to Med Lab.  It won't be long before they figure out that Mike's Floral went out of business weeks ago!".

Red Chain

Garibaldi's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:55 PM):

I shook my head.  "You two really do look alike.  I wish I had a picture of this."

Marcus and I had just pulled Booji out of his cryo-unit and propped him against the wall.

"I don't get it ," Marcus said thoughtfully, "how are we supposed to awaken him?"

We thought for a moment and then both of us looking at each other, exclaimed in unison, "The bucket!"

We both ran out of Med Lab and began to frantically search the surrounding area.  Nothing.  Then as Garibaldi rounded a corner, he saw a kitten on top of a dead Suit.  It was clawing its face and meowing.  Over to the side of the hall was a bright red bucket.  I went over towards the bucket when suddenly this kitten jumps off of its prey and grabbed the bucket's handle in its mouth, dragging it out of reach.  Every time I moved towards the animal, it would take a cautious step back.

"Here, Kitty, Kitty.  Come here," I coaxed, and then, "Get over here, Cat!"

The kitten hissed at me and took off.  Just as it was about to disappear into the distance, Marcus jumped in front of it.  The kitten screeched to a halt and started rubbing against Marcus' leg.  He brought the bucket over to me.

"So," I asked as we started for Med Lab, "what is your secret with animals?"

Marcus calmly replied, "It's the full head of hair.  Girls really go for it."

It was a good thing Marcus did not see me sneering at the back of his conceited little head.

Violet Chain

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (04:56 PM):

When I got to Med Lab, everything had been smashed.  A strange piece of fabric lay on the floor.  It was one of The Suits' neckties!  I looked it at and a thought came to me.  I snatched the medicines and stims needed to bring back Ranger1138 and Sarge.  I had one more stop to make . . . a stop that would get some unwitting help for our side.  I looked at the tie once more before stuffing it in my jacket pocket.

Yes.  Purple!

Dancing Colored Lights

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (05:00 PM):

After seeing that the two were revived and feeling better, I headed over to where the Suits were stationed next to the Drazi.

I had but to fling the purple necktie at the right moment.  The plan?  Set off a fire alarm on this level, drop the purple necktie in front of the Suits' door . . . and run!!!

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Major Buttons' Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (05:30 PM):

"What was that?" Marcus gasped.

"Sounds like debris hitting the outer hull.  There's some kind of fight going on out there," Garibaldi replied with anticipation.

Marcus, Garibaldi and I broke into a run and made it to the Med Lab in record time.  But once we had gotten there and opened the doors, we found several Suits scavenging around, one of whom had Booji's arm in its mouth.

"Nooo!"  Garibaldi tossed the bucket so that it landed right smack on Booji's head.  With a jolt, the figure bounced up and stumbled around for a second.  The Suits all stood still and stared at the sight.  Suddenly, Booji realized that he was missing his left arm and became furious.  He summoned an odd looking multi-colored square device and threw it on the floor.  The Suits, amazed, all gathered around the contraption.  It lifted in the air, starting to spin, then shot lightning out of all of its sides, frying all of the Suits in a nanosecond.  It then returned to the spot on the floor and sat idly.

An all omniscient and powerful voice rang through the room.  "Good work, Mr. Rubix Cube.  Michael, my Great Defender, could you throw me the Hand Of Booji?"

Garibaldi tossed Booji's arm to him.  He super glued it in place, and then waved his hand and the Rubix Cube disappeared.

"Booji," Marcus said, "we have to get you to the other side quickly before--"

A Suit wandered in and with a blink of Booji's eye, it turned to ash.

"--you are frozen here forever."

"Okay," Booji said in a tone that would make mortal women all over the universe faint, "but promise me that you two will get out.  There is someone you have to talk to, Marcus."

Booji blinked again and Marcus' head glowed for a brief second and then returned to normal.  Stunned, Marcus looked up in awe.

"I remember it all . . . everything you ever did.  I . . . I have to talk to Ivanova!"  Booji smiled in response, nodded and then passed through the floor.  A couple of seconds later, they heard a sound like a gong and knew that Booji had made it safely through the worm hole/jump gate thingy.  It was now up to them to get back safely.

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (07:07 PM):

After I started the Drazi attacking The Suits over the purple tie, I snuck back to Ranger1138 and Sarge on the floor, and dragged them to Zocalo where many of the others were awaiting Ivanova to tell them what to do.

Laser PPG

Will Garibaldi, Marcus and Major Buttons escape the station before the ice hits?  Will Susan Ivanova greet Marcus with open arms?  Read on in Part 5 of our story!