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The Last Day (Part 5 Of 6)
The Journal Entries of the Followers of Booji
The Battle of The Suits
Before the Ice Age

Garibaldi's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (08:03 PM):

Everything that had happened today had been so quick that I had not had time to absorb it all.  I sat with Marcus and tried to make sense of it.

I shook my head and wearily queried, "So, you're saying that you are the real Marcus and the other Marcus, the one that died, was really the ancient Vorlon God named Booji who looked just like you except for a red bucket that he would put on his head at night so he could recharge his powers?"

Marcus was excited.  "That's it, Michael!  You got it!"

"And you just got here today to warn us that the Shadows were about to attack a Ranger training planet within Drazi space?"


I tried to make a break for the window to jump out but Marcus caught me and forced me to the ground.

"It's not as crazy as it seems, Michael!"

"Let me go!  I gotta get outta here before I choke on the insanity!"

"Look out there!  Then you'll believe me!"

What could I do?  I got up and looked out the window.  A big blue swirly thing that looked kind of like a jump gate except that it was two dimensional and always looked the same from any angle stared me right in the face.  I wasn't sure what to make of it.

"See, I came through there when I realized how little time we have.  I must spread the word of Booji before the gate is frozen.  If it wasn't for us, Booji would not have made it back and all of Booji's followers would have been grief stricken, and all of their work would have been in vain."

The devastation was all around us.  I sighed and kicked some of the K.F.D. (Kentucky Fried Drazi) out of the way.  As Booji's Great Defender, I knew what I had to do.  There were still Suits out there.  I walked to the cockpit of the Sunhawk and pointed the ship in the direction of the fighting.  "This is going to take me a while.  When did you say we have until?"

"11:00.  Please make time to get some sleep, Michael.  I will keep watch over the station until you get back."

"See you at 11:00."

Violet Chain

Communications Video Log  Sun 02 Aug '98 (11:30 PM):

Garibaldi's breeching pod hissed as it ripped through the hull of Babylon 5 and slowly drilled through.  When it reached the empty space, he was at the air lock.

Marcus was on the other side.  "Nice gun, Michael, but we're not exactly hunting rhinos."

"Shut up and open the lock."  The air lock opened.  Garibaldi joined Marcus and together they climbed up through the floor into a wide expanse that had once been a bar in the Zocalo.  Now it was a graveyard.

This area had once been bustling with activity - people running errands, old friends talking of the times, soldiers salting the wounds of the war - but now the lights were dimmed, some broken, and bodies blanketed the floor.  All of the people who had refused to leave when they were told, mostly Earth Force and Babylon 5 Security, had been slaughtered.  The Suits that they had taken with them lay scattered in ragged heaps.  It had been almost three to one.

Garibaldi noticed Marcus kneeling on the floor.   He was momentarily torn between anger at The Suits for the death toll and at Marcus who could keep his serenity at a time like this.  He jabbed his ankle with the toe of his boot.  "Get up, you loser!"

Without looking up, Marcus replied, "I'm praying.  A lot of people died today trying to protect this place that they loved."

Disgruntled, Garibaldi started out across the river of blood and bodies, collecting the dog tags of his friends and allies.  Stuffing the tattered chains into his pockets, he called to Marcus.

As they started out of the bar and turned the corner, they saw a Suit.  Surprised, it saw them and broke into a run, screaming and swinging its claws.  Thinking quickly, Garibaldi switched to shotgun mode and *BLAM*!  The Suit did a flip, landing on his head, as most of his neck and face sprayed out in a sickening blood red wave.

Breathing relief, they took a few steps.  Suddenly, the arm of the Suit started to twitch, then the leg, then the dismembered head.  It slowly got to its feet and then started limping hungrily towards Marcus and Garibaldi.

Blue Chain

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (11:50 PM):

I am making this entry on behalf of Marcus who will rightfully take his place as the honored #500 - a sacred number given to only the First Disciple of Booji.

When I got to the Zocalo with Ranger 1138 who had been injured when Bo's ship collided with the Suits' ship and Sarge who had also been injured in fighting, Major Buttons was waiting with most of the others.  I bent down and thanked Major Buttons for pulling Ranger1138 and Sarge to safety.  At that moment, Major Buttons looked around like she had lost something.  She scampered off in the direction of a bar down here in the Zocalo.  I did not have time to react.  Ivanova appeared and made the announcement that we were ready to start boarding the White Stars and Vorlon ships waiting outside.  She led the way.

Dancing Colored Lights

Major Buttons' Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug' 98 (11:55 PM):

I led the way after locating Garibaldi and Marcus.  After a bit of walking and a couple of Suit attacks, we came to a hall filled with fighting Suits and Drazi.  I ran through the chaos merrily, but Marcus and Garibaldi decided they could not fit under the Green Leader's legs so easily, so they decided they would go around the fight.  We quickly proceeded to the hangar where we found it ripped open and battered, but one Minbari flier was still there.  We jumped in and shot out of the hangar by as fast as we could.  A Star Fury in a hurry to reach a fleet of ships that was about to pass through the worm hole, passed us obliviously.

Suddenly, the largest Suit ship we had ever seen with huge swirly green tentacles and a glowing orb of plasma at its core was right in front of us.  As we passed it, a huge blinding beam shot out towards the station.

"NO!" Garibaldi cried as the beam reached Babylon 5 and tore a piece out of the Cobra Bay.  The energy from the beam travelled up the tangles of metal, burning as bright as the sun, destroying our home.  Suddenly, Booji appeared before the flier.  I was not sure if they were actual words or very powerful thoughts, but Booji communicated, "GET OUT!" 

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (11:55 PM):

I could not put my finger on it . . . but I knew there was someone missing.  I had a feeling that Major Buttons went to find Marcus and Garibaldi . . . she must hurry!  We had all boarded the ships which would take us safely out of this forsaken place.  The hails were beginning but all were not present . . .

Hail Marcus, the First Disciple!
Hail Garibaldi, the Defender!
Hail Willmore The Rover, the Sage!
Hail Anla'Shok Na, the Scribe!
Hail Ranger1138, the Custodian
Hail Kat, the Scientist!
Hail Gaidheil, the Acolyte!
Hail RES, the Spiritual Inquisitor!
Hail Marichka/Morden, the Seeker!
Hail Major Buttons, the kitten of FTM, the new Hunter!
Bless the transition of FTM into the light!
Hail Traveler, the Traveler!
Hail Danae, the Deprogrammer!
Hail Jhenti, the Peon!
Hail Sarge, the Hit Man!
Hail Morgan, the Keeper Of Eternal Vigil!
Hail Mr. Rubix Cube, the Profit!
Hail Flarnstar, the Bard!
Hail Hot Rod, the Treasure Horder!
Hail Galin, the Keeper Of The Profit!
Hail Bailin, the Silent Watcher who now takes the place of WBAlan, the Great Watcher!
Hail Lindaru, the Teacher!
Hail OldenOne, the Ancient!
Hail Jaybee, the Procrastinator!
Hail Reebo, the Builder!

Wait a minute . . . where is Reebo?  She could only hope that Major Buttons would find Reebo along with Marcus and Garibaldi in time.  The hails repeated themselves as everyone got on board . . . but wait a minute?  Who in Booji's name could that be at the helm of the lead Vorlon ship? 

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Will Garibaldi, Marcus and Major Buttons make it through the worm hole thingy in time?  Who is the mysterious pilot on the lead Vorlon ship?  Where is Reebo?  Read on  in our exciting conclusion  of the story!