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The Last Day (Part 6 Of 6)
The Journal Entries of the Followers of Booji
The Battle of The Suits
During and After the Ice Age

Reebo's Journal Entry  Sun 02 Aug '98 (11:55 PM):

It is almost midnight here.  Jeez!  I sneak out of a fight and no one is here.  Just then I see the Vorlon ships and White Stars leaving.  They're going without me!  I rush out of C&C and in hastily doing so, set off the automatic defense grid.  Down the hall, into the bay, and I'm okay.  I'm out in space now.  Thank Booji they are going slow!  Around me I see the Suit ships blowing up.  My thoughts go to the little lost kitten I saw a few minutes ago running through the Zocalo.  What will become of her?  My com crackles.  "Reebo, I am glad to see you made it!"  Was that Ivanova?  And yes, I had made it.

Green Chain

Lindaru's Journal Entry  Mon 03 Aug '98 (12:00 AM):

Reebo has just been brought aboard.  Thank Booji!  We still have no sight of Garibaldi, Marcus and Major Buttons.

Almost everyone is celebrating the daring escape.  OldenOne and Jaybee are here with us - they were the ones who contacted Ivanova upon receipt of the data crystal, but the best surprise of all was seeing the pilot of the lead Vorlon ship . . . someone we thought was lost to us in the Battle Of The Suits.  WBAlan is directing us towards our new home.

Red Chain

Major Buttons' Journal Entry  Mon 03 Aug '98 (12:05 AM):

We heard it in our minds.  Pushing the damaged flier as fast as it would go, we watched as the fleet of ships went through the worm hole unharmed.  Looking back, the energy from the blast had just reached the actual station and was about to destroy it in one big reactor breach.  Suddenly, without warning, the whole scene stopped.  The flames stood still in space.  The debris did not move an inch.  It was as if time had frozen.  Then we saw it - snaking out from the station, Booji rode on a river of ice cubes.  The Suit "Fun Killer" saw this and tried to escape, pulling back into a jump gate.  They fired their main gun one more time, aiming it at the oncoming ice that had preserved the station for all time.  When it hit, Booji laughed and the spray of ice travelled right up the beam and froze the ship in place.  Over the radio, we heard the cries of Suits being frozen in time, archived forever.

"We're not going to make it!" Marcus yelled, looking back at the oncoming surge of ice cubes.

Dancing Colored Lights

Marcus' Journal Entry  Mon 03 Aug' 98 (12:10 AM):

Booji appeared inside the ship.  He pressed several buttons on the console and then his finger lit up.  With a bright flash and a near fatal acceleration, the ship blew ahead of the close stream of ice.  When we were at the rim of the worm hole, Booji disappeared.

We passed through the worm hole just as it froze over.  We could see the side which had once been our home now preserved for all eternity.  We joined the fleet of ships with our last remaining power and docked.  As we stepped out onto the floor of the Vorlon cruiser, we were greeted by all of our friends.

"Mmmeeeooowww!!!"  The kitten went flying and knocked Lindaru to the ground.  Everyone laughed and the festivities began.

"Well," said Marichka, "it's over.  We just have to move on and see where fate takes us."

"Lets just hope there are better television shows where we end up," Sarge said, and everyone laughed again.

"And less suits," Garibaldi added, "did you know they tried to market my holy icon?  Sometimes I just wanna--"

"You'll live, Garibaldi," comforted Anla'Shok Na.

I went across the room and introduced myself to the amazement of Ivanova.  She hugged me and we went off into another room to talk things over.  WBAlan, as always, was doing a great job of watching.  RES and Danae dragged him into a party and found that he was actually a very good dancer.  Who knew?  Morgan and Hot Rod were serving drinks while Willmore The Rover told stories.  Kat occasionally corrected a word or two, but such is the lot of the scientist.  Gaidheil, Jhenti, Flarnstar, Galin and Bailin were all playing a beautiful song on some very celestial instruments.  Traveler sat at the vid screen trying to calculate how far they had gone.

Then as the morning turned to afternoon and then to evening, everyone started to wonder where we were.  Just after dawn, we decided to open a jump gate and find out.  WBAlan, however, decided he could not stay.

"I will see you beyond the rim," he said, then pulled away in the flier and disappeared into the swirling amber clouds.

I heard Garibaldi mumble, "One day, we'll see him again."

Flowing Rainbow Bar

Garibaldi's Journal Entry  Tue 04 Aug '98 (07:00 AM):

We came out of the sky blue jump gate to a world where we had thought was gone.  There in front of us was Babylon 5.  It was smaller, completely gray, and the lines to get inside were staggering, but it was still home.

The com screen lit up and all the faces turned to see the message.  It was a well dressed Suit sitting at the console with a head set and a mug of imported coffee.

"Hello," he said, "and welcome to Babylon 5!"

Flowing Rainbow Bar
Twinkling Yellow Stars