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As of today, this is what we have in the Treasury (note items not listed here in the Treasury are actually being utilized in other places and are explained in the main room of the Temple):
Three ping pong balls A piece of string Half of a dead spider Gok shaped candle holders
One prawn One Canadian nickel One "AA" battery One sword letter opener
Pieces of an outdated computer A shipment of Minbari fruit A batch of aged spoo An unopened can of bucket polish
A jar of raspberry jelly A huge bag of animal crackers Three Susan B. Anthony dollars A slightly used beeper
A broken key A brass letter opener Three Lite Brite bulbs A candle stub
Two cryogenic orbs in a jar A key chain flashlight Five soy sauce packets The holy wedding invitation
A chewed pen Some cold oatmeal A bag of rubber bands A PPG with power packs
A squirrel puppet A heart shaped pencil An apple shaped eraser 12 student of the week pencils
A non-operational probe A full bag of crumbless Oreos Magic disco pants A box of Gok litter
Three cubic centimeters of concentrated air America On Line program with Internet Explorer The collected works of Edgar Allen Poe 15 America On Line registration C.D.'s
A map of the Isle Of Wight A broken C.D. A plastic shoe lace tip A glow in the dark bucket
A hairless cat that steals game tokens A Darth Vader playing card A Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket Five disco eight track tapes
A pair of parachute pants A scrubbing brush Two packs of fruit scented bucket soap An apple in a paper bag
A box of band-aids A red quarter A green penny A pair of used shades
May 1998 SFX magazine An unused notebook A half of a pencil Legos
A three pound bag of M&M's 2,300 Venezuelan bolivars in paper and coin Assorted Vietnamese coins A large bag of marshmallows
A bottle of French apple cider A snapshot of the Portland, Oregon, Booji convention A broken modulator valve with broken tensioner and belt A lucky French coin
A used copy of the book of G'Quan with a coffee stain on page 83 A computer keyboard Several bucket shaped night lights A sanctified copy of the teachings of Valen with a dedication from Ducat
A purple collared cat named "Chubby" A toddler sized red plastic patio chair A giant inflatable green beach ball A pair of size 10 mens shiny black shoes
Quick drying super glue A page of address labels A partially used bottle of blue nail polish A box of college brochures and applications
A partially played hard rock C.D. Half of a bag of miniature marshmallows An empty tube of mascara The complete collection of new wave C.D.'s
Four badly scratched pots and pans Two dozen freshly baked chocolate chip cookies A piece of a Suit tie found drifting in space One tube of organic bucket bondo
Three bags of chocolate coins gold foil wrapped A surprise from a kinder egg One third of a Toblerone bar A white linen tote bag that says "Treasury"
A collection of incense An old vinyl check book cover An uncancelled 32 cent stamp A wolf shaped incense burner
A college single variable calculus book The first six books of "The Aeneid" in Latin A college physics book with study guide A book of Catullus poems in Latin
An edition of "Pro Cluentio" by Cicero A used bottle of super glue without a cap A pair of metal crutches A one way ticket to Chryse Planitia, Mars, for May 5, 2000
A plate of deviled eggs Several non-scented non-citronella indoor marshmallow toasting candles A box of very long toothpicks with which to toast marshmallows indoors A dozen drowned earwigs

I could have placed this entry in the above listing, but seeing is believing.  Major Buttons' father has graciously donated what appears to be the world's largest Yorkshire Puddings complete with vegetables.  I figure it would take all of us eating on this for a week before we would reduce them to crumbs.

Yorkshire Pudding With Trimmings

The follower stories are a most precious donation - most especially the ongoing adventure of Boojilon 5.  Below Eclipse snapped this picture of a few of us settling in at Keela Shanri's (also known as Emperor Cartagia) house to catch the new Saturday night episode.  From left to right, top to bottom, me (Lindaru), Flarnstar, Lady Keela, Major Buttons, Gaidheil and Koshia (Kat's daughter).  You, too, can go to the video aisle at Neil's shop to order yours - just follow the link from my main Temple page!

The Girls Settle In To Watch Boojilon 5

How can you as a follower or visitor help the cause of Booji?  We are soon going to need funds to rebuild our planetoid on which the Temple is located.  Our planetoid is eroding rapidly and our Booji Messenger has given us a glimpse of what it will soon look like unless we receive funds for rebuilding.

Shrinking Planetoid

You can help by meditating, giving unwanted items to the Treasury or by spreading the word of Booji to others!  We could really use some Super Glue to secure some of the rocks back to the planetoid.

You may continue directly on to the hotel in a dimensional time shift!

All Babylon Five characters and images contained in these pages are the property of J. Michael Straczinsky, Warner Brothers and TNT.  We are only borrowing them for our own entertainment and no offense to anyone is intended.

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